Five golden rules to reduce belly fat

When it comes to weight loss, people mostly focus on reducing belly fat. A flat stomach is a fitness goal for many, but they do not often know which route to take in order to achieve it.

According to dietitian Natasha Mohan, maintaining a flat belly means maintaining your overall health as well. “A larger waistline can increase your risk of diabetes, heart diseases and even cancer. It is not easy to target just the belly fat when you are dieting. But losing weight overall can help you reduce the dangerous layers of fat on the belly, too,” she says.

The expert lists the following must-dos:

Avoid sugar, sugar-sweetened drinks

Foods with added sugars aren’t good for you; consuming them can lead to weight gain. It has a negative impact on your metabolic health as well. Try reducing the amount of sugar in your diet and avoid sugary drinks completely. But this does not apply to whole fruits, which have fibre and are healthy.

Cut down on carbs

Eating fewer carbs is a fool-proof way of losing fat. Numerous studies show your appetite goes down when you cut down on carbs, which helps in weight loss. Losing carbs can also keep you healthy, reduce your risk of getting type II diabetes. Avoid carbs like sugar, candy, and white bread.

Eat fibre-rich food

An indigestible plant matter, eating lots of fibre can help with weight loss. The best way is to eat plant foods, including veggies and fruits. Whole oats and legumes are great sources of fibre.

Regular exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce weight and belly fat along with improving your health. Aerobic exercises like walking, running and swimming, can majorly reduce your belly fat.

Track your food intake

Despite having a high-protein and low-carb diet, it is easy to underestimate or overestimate your food intake if you do not keep track of it. Tracking can help you achieve specific goals like increasing your protein intake or cutting down carbs for an effective weight loss.

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