From Allergy to Joint Pain, These 8 Disadvantages of Eating More Tomatoes

Eating anything excessive is harmful to health and the same applies to tomatoes. Be it vegetable, soup or salad, tomatoes are used in almost everything. By the way, there are many benefits of eating tomato, but when its quantity becomes slightly more, then it also causes harm.

Here are 8 Disadvantages of Eating More Tomatoes – 

1.) Stomach Upset-

Stomach Upset

Eating tomato keeps the digestive system healthy, but if it is eaten in large quantities, it can be reversed. People who have problems with Irritable Bowel Syndrome may have problems with flatulence with even a small amount of tomato. Apart from this, diarrhea can also be caused due to high quantity of tomato.

2.) Acid Reflux-

Acid Reflux

Tomato contain too much acid. If you have a problem of acid reflux or burning sensation in the chest, then you should consume tomato in very small quantity. Tomato can make more acid in your stomach, due to which your digestive problems can increase further.

3.) Kidney Stone Problem-

Kidney Stone Problem

Tomato is rich in potassium. Those who have kidney disease are advised to take less potassium. Tomato contains oxalate which works to make kidney stone. If you already have kidney stone problems, then contact your doctor regarding the appropriate amount of tomato.

4.) Blood Pressure Problem-

Blood Pressure Problem

Raw tomato are very low in sodium and reduce high blood pressure, but if you use canned tomato or tomato soup, it can be harmful for you. If a large amount of sodium is used in it, then it can work to increase your blood pressure.

5.) Allergy Problems-

Allergy Problems

People who are allergic to histamine compound may have an allergic reaction to tomato. This can cause eczema, rashes, itching, sore throat and swelling on the face. People who are allergic to tomato, have trouble breathing even with a small amount of it.

6.) Urinary Tract Infection-

Urinary Tract Infection

Tomato is high in acid and bladder becomes irritated by eating more. If you have problem of urinary tract infection, then high amount of tomato can increase your problem further.

7.) Muscle Pain-

Muscle Pain

Histamine compound found in tomato can cause joint pain and swelling problem. Some people also suffer from inflammation due to the solenin found in tomato. High amount of tomato also increases arthritis and muscle pain.

8.) Migraine Pain-

Migraine Pain

According to health experts, high amount of tomato works to increase the pain of migraine. This has been confirmed in an Iranian study. According to experts, migraine can be controlled up to 40 percent by changing the diet. If you are suffering from migraine pain then reduce tomato intake.

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