From fabric to thread count: Things to consider when buying bed linen

Introducing little décor changes can help infuse freshness in a room. But these changes need not be luxurious and expensive. Sprucing up the furnishing can also add character to an otherwise boring room. If you plan to do just that, begin with choosing the right bed linen as it will highlight your room in the best possible way.

To help you with the same, Neera Chopra, founder of 19sides, shares some tips.


Opt for bed linens that are striking, appealing, and are in accordance with the structure, theme and colour palette of your room. It is recommended to have a mix of traditional and contemporary elements on your bed linen. Also, solid colours look elegant and match with all sorts of décor elements.

 Here are some tips when buying linen for your bedroom (Source: Pexels)Fabric

The fabric you pick must be skin-friendly. If you like something soft and light, cotton-poplin sheets will be the correct choice, as the fabric is breathable. Linens are durable and they may even last for decades. Be mindful to choose the variety that becomes softer after every wash. Cotton-polyester, pima or supima cotton, poly-blend, silk, flannel are also good fabrics for linens.


Ensure that your choice of bed linen in durable and maintenance-free. When washing, use fabric softeners cautiously as they tend to damage the fabric.

Thread count

The thread count of a fabric also matters. The higher the thread count, the finer the fabric of the bed linen is. However, in today’s times, many companies manipulate the numbers with double twist yarns in a cheaper fabric. Always purchase form a good furnishing shop.

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The way linens are woven has a direct impact on how they feel. Percale and sateen are among the two most common types of weaving. Percale is an easy to use weaving method which helps in giving the bed linen a crisp texture with a matte finish. Sateen, on the other hand, is a unique weaving technique which produces a smooth, subtle and luxurious finish.

True to the bed size

Double check the length, width, and height of your king-sized, queen-sized or single-sized bed.

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