From Mercedes To Maruti To Cruiser: How Amritpal Singh Got away

New Delhi: Khalistani pioneer Amritpal Singh, who has evaded large number of police officers for four days in an emotional chase across Punjab, has been gotten on security film during various phases of his break.
In film solely got to by NDTV, Amritpal Singh is seen leaving a vehicle and skedaddling alongside his helpers on bicycles.

The 30-year-old revolutionary minister is found in a clasp from a tollgate in Jalandhar at around 11.27 am on Saturday, the day the Punjab police sent off its activity to capture him. He is in the passenger seat of a Maruti Brezza.

Before this, Amritpal Singh had been seen in a Mercedes SUV that he unloaded by a street in Shahkot. Hours after the fact, he changed to the Maruti Brezza of a partner, sources say. He clearly put on something else in the vehicle, as the recording shows him in a shirt rather than his standard streaming robes.

He traded his strict garments for shirt and pants and transformed from a blue to a pink turban.

Another clasp shows him leaving the vehicle and making his escape alongside three helpers in two bicycles.

The police accept he stow away in a Gurdwara, put on something else once more and escaped.

They additionally delivered photographs of Amritpal Singh in different looks, thinking he could have changed his appearance and trusting that individuals could assist with spotting him.

The Brezza has been seized, and four individuals who assisted Amritpal Singh with taking off have been captured.

In excess of 120 individuals, including Amritpal Singh’s uncle, have been captured since Saturday. A few individuals from his outfit “Waris Punjab De” have likewise been captured under the severe Public safety Act (NSA) and confined in BJP-governed Assam. Web was suspended for three days yet was reestablished in parts today.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court hammered the Punjab police and addressed how Amritpal Singh could give them the slip over and over.

“You have 80,000 police. What’s happening with they. How did Amritpal Singh escape?” the High Court asked the Punjab government, calling it a knowledge disappointment.

The police crackdown on Amritpal Singh came three weeks after his allies conflicted with cops on February 23. They raged a police headquarters, blazing swords and guns, undermining the police with tremendous outcomes on the off chance that they didn’t deliver Singh’s helper Lovepreet Toofan, who was captured for purportedly attacking and snatching a man.

Amritpal Singh has been dynamic in Punjab for certain years and is in many cases seen waving from the sunroof of his Mercedes, accompanied by outfitted allies. He professes to be a devotee of fear monger Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, who was killed in Activity Bluestar in 1984, and is known as “Bhindranwale 2.0” among his allies.

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