From Sharbat To Lassi: 5 Kokum Beverages To Beat The Mid year Intensity

Kokum is a one of a kind harsh summer organic product which just develops tropical locales. In India, this natural product fills in the western locales, since the environment in this space is appropriate for the development of kokum. This round organic product is delicious and red when it’s on the tree yet when it ages appropriately, it becomes wonderfully dark and purple in variety. Kokum is gathered in top summers particularly from April to June. Since it is extremely harsh in taste, a many individuals loath eating crude kokum in any case, in its dried structure, this tart organic product is utilized broadly in Konkan food, Maharashtrian and Goan recipes and furthermore to make cool summer drinks. We have a couple of tasty kokum drink recipes for you be that as it may, before we get into those, we should figure out more about kokum.

What Are The Medical advantages Of Kokum?
Otherwise called Garcinia Indica, there are numerous medical advantages of eating kokum. This tart natural product is wealthy in strands and cell reinforcements that assist in keeping our stomach with cooling. Other than this, it is low in calories and further develops our stomach related wellbeing as well. Since it is plentiful in minerals like magnesium, potassium and manganese, it is advantageous for keeping up with glucose levels.
Kokum and tamarind are not same. The two of them are acidic in nature and are utilized for a comparable reason, which is to add sharpness in food. Both are utilized essentially in their dried structure, as a matter of fact. Yet, each has its own unmistakable flavor and kokum is somewhat more inconspicuous than tamarind. You can add kokum in dals, curries, and even make drinks with it.

What Does Kokum Possess a flavor like?

Kokum is harsh with a flower feeling and a somewhat lovely fragrance. When added to food and beverages, it confers a lovely pink-to-purple tone and gives a sweet-harsh flavor.

The following Are 5 Kokum Drink Recipes For Summers:

1. Kokum Sharbat
Sharbat is a go-to drink for summers. It is cool and reviving and sets aside some margin for arrangement. To make kokum sharbat, douse 2 bits of kokum in a glass of water. Place the splashed kokum pieces with water in a processor and add lemon juice, sugar, salt, and broiled jeera. Mix it well and strain the juice.

2. Sol Kadi
Sol Kadi is a mixture of broiled garlic, kokum, and coconut milk, which gives it a dynamic pink tone. A sound savor helps processing. The cooling properties in it help in cooling the stomach related framework particularly in the wake of eating fiery food. Make this scrumptious beverage at home by crushing doused kokum, water, new ground coconut garlic, stew, salt, and coriander leaves.

3. Kokum Lassi
Give a wind to your plain lassi by adding kokum in it. All you want is plain yogurt, splashed kokum pieces and dark salt. You can likewise put chaach masala to upgrade the flavor. Blend it well in a blender and presto your lassi is prepared.

4. Kokum Lemon Mocktail
We as a whole love having lemonade on a hot day. This is the way you can utilize kokum and make an interesting lemon and kokum mocktail out of it. In a blender add lemon juice, drenched kokum pieces, mint leaves, salt, sugar, ginger, and some new squeeze. Mix it and sifter the juice. Presently add shimmering water to make the bubble.

5. Kokum Juice
This is the simplest to make at home. Kokum juice is sound and can be polished off whenever in summers. To set up this at home, bubble 6-7 bits of kukum in water for 2 minutes. When the shade of water changes to dull brown, add jaggery powder to it. Allow it to bubble for 5 minutes and take it off the intensity. Cool it and strain into a glass. To upgrade the flavor, you can add a spot of chaat masala and your kokum juice is prepared.

Trust you loved our kokum drink recipes for summers. Do tell us about your criticism in the remark area underneath.

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