Giorgia Meloni: 5 Points On Politician Who Took Party With Links To Mussolini To Top In Italy PM Race

  1. Italy is heading to a new election after Mr Draghi’s resignation and Brothers of Italy is in top place in voter intention polls, with 24 per cent participants supporting it, followed by The Democratic Party at 22 per cent and the League at 14 per cent.
  2. The party is a descendant of neofascist Italian Social Movement (MSI), which according to The Guardian, was founded by Giorgio Almirante, a minister during Benito Mussolini’s rule.
  3. If she wins, Ms Meloni will become Italy’s first female Prime Minister. The 45-year-old was president of the youth wing of the National Alliance, a party that emerged from MSI. She also served as youth minister in Mr Berlusconi’s government before founding Brothers of Italy.
  4. Ms Meloni was born in Garbatella, the mostly middle-class area of Italy’s Rome.
  5. According to The Guardian report, Ms Meloni has hardline views on mass immigraton, has described abortion as a “defeat” and opposes same-sex marriage and parenting.

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