‘Give the body enough rest, but don’t let it become inactive’: Shilpa Shetty shares fitness mantra

It may seem tempting to take a few days off from your fitness routine but it is important to not give in to that temptation regularly. That’s the mantra actor and fitness aficionado Shilpa Shetty Kundra religiously follows.

The mother of two believes that everyone’s body needs a “little bit of push to follow a routine when it has worked without much of a break”.

“Feeling a little sluggish or lazy may feel natural, but never give in to your body’s demands completely. Give it enough rest, but don’t let it become inactive,” she said.

In an Instagram video, she was be seen practicing Viparita Naukasana or the reverse boat posture.

“It may not look like a very heavy routine, but it’s a power-packed one. It helps strengthen the lower back and pelvic region, shoulders and arms, and hips. It also improves the flexibility of the spine, massages abdominal organs, and improves digestion,” she shared.

Also called Salabhasana in Iyengar yoga, Viparita Naukasana can be done by anyone except pregnant women, and those who have had abdominal surgery recently, informed Shilpa.

How to do it?

*Lie on the stomach.
*Stretch the arms in the front along the sides of your body.
*Exhale and lift the head, chest and legs off the floor simultaneously as high as possible. The hands should not touch the ground. Only the abdominal front should rest on the floor.
*Contract the butt and stretch the thigh muscles.
*Keep both legs fully extended and straight
*Stay in the posture for as long you can with normal breathing.

Shilpa can be seen adding movement to the posture by moving her arms and legs to make it into a dynamic routine.

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