“Got Call To Take Off To Sharjah…”: Virender Sehwag Uncovers Why He Neglected To Make India Presentation In 1998

Previous hitter Virender Sehwag can be viewed as perhaps of the best opener Indian cricket crew at any point had. Making his presentation in 1999 with an ODI against Pakistan in Mohali, Sehwag proceeded to score 8273 runs in 251 matches in the 50-over design. Known for his forceful way of batting, the 44-year-old has 38 global hundreds of years to his name. Nonetheless, relatively few individuals realize that Sehwag nearly made his ODI debut for India in 1998 during the Sharjah Cup.

As of late, the previous hitter uncovered that during the 1998 Sharjah Cup, he had got a call from the selectors after numerous Indian players had become sick during the visit.

“In the year 1998 during the Sharjah Cup, around six Indian players fell debilitated. I got a call to take a trip to Sharjah the following day. I got the ticket, gathered my sacks and went to the air terminal. When I entered the air terminal, Ajay Duggal from Exchange Wings called and told me not to load onto the trip as the players have recuperated. I was like, ‘A youngster was going to make his presentation, damn!” uncovered Sehwag on Breakfast with Champions.

Sehwag further talked about he respected a youthful Sachin Tendulkar playing from India during the 1992 World Cup in Australia. He additionally uncovered that his siblings used to ridicule him when he would attempt to mimic Sachin’s way of batting.

“I had no clue I would play cricket when I began watching him. I began watching cricket from the 1992 World Cup. It would go inhabit 5 AM. Indeed, even my siblings were partial to playing and watching cricket. We’d go to the neighbor’s home, as we didn’t have a link association,” said Sehwag.

“My neighbor informed me regarding this kid, Sachin Tendulkar. He was very youthful, around 19 years of age. A 19-year-old kid was playing the World Cup. I was like, “Amazing”. He would bat, and I would watch on television and duplicate his shots. My siblings would deride me expressing, ‘Plunk down. You will not become Tendulkar’,” he added.

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