Hardoi: The woman had an illicit relationship with her cousin, killed her husband in a terrible way

Hardoi , 25 March 2021, Updated 6:19 PM IST

No matter how much effort is made to hide the illicit relations, one day it is known to everyone. A similar case has come from Hardoi in UP, where the wife, with the help of her lover and her friends, murdered her husband due to illicit relations. To hide the identity of the dead body, burnt it in the soil. 

No matter how vicious the criminal considers himself to be, but the long hands of the law reach him. The same happened in this case. An omission led the woman and her lover along with the other person involved in the crime to be imprisoned behind bars.  

In this case, the Baghauli police station of Hardoi arrested his wife, lover and his friend on the charge of killing Bablu Singh. In fact, on March 20, Anuj Singh, a resident of Bannapur village, suddenly went missing from his house. Then his younger brother Pintu filed a missing report with the police.

The police involved in the investigation of the case found that the deceased’s wife Reena had an illicit relationship with her cousin. The police gradually expanded the scope of their investigation and detained the wife of the deceased for questioning. After rigorous questioning, she exposed the secret of her husband’s death. The three accused involved in this murder have been arrested, the search for the fourth is on.

In interrogation to the police, the accused told that after killing the deceased Bablu from the house and strangling him, his body was burnt in the mud to erase his identity. The arrested accused said that the deceased opposed his relationship with his wife Reena, due to which he murdered his cousin Bablu with the help of his friends at the behest of Reena.

Additional Superintendent of Police Anil Kumar said that a missing report was written by Pintu Singh, a resident of Bannapur in Baghauli area police station. The police immediately started investigating it. Meanwhile, the police found the dead body of the deceased Bablu in a drain outside the village on Wednesday. The police have unveiled a lot of questioning and after that today the murder. In which it is learned that the deceased was taken by his cousin Anuj and 2 others, who gave him alcohol and then strangled him to death. Then, taking away 800 meters, he buried it by covering it with mud in the drain.

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The police made a successful investigation into this case and the Angchota used in the incident is a niche, it was also recovered. Police has sent the deceased’s wife Reena and her cousins ​​Anuj Singh and Mohit to jail. There is an accused absconding, who will be caught as soon as possible. The deceased’s wife had an illicit relationship with her cousin Anuj Sevak. Which he used to oppose, that is why these people carried out this murder. 

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