Having trouble finding Best School for your Kids? This might be helpful

A lot of parents face the challenge of choosing a perfect school for their kids but there are millions of schools across in dilate alone the continent. It usually put the parents in a muddle, they get bombarded with tons of billboards and TV advertisements. it’s a tough situation for them.

With so many Best Schools in Punjab and NCR claiming to have advanced technologies, innovative teaching skills, philosophies, curriculum activities, offering quality education, this task gets even harder.

You can use and visit here to know more about the Best Schools in Delhi, NCR, and Punjab with their locality, the parent’s reviews on those schools. The problem arises here, “what to look for in a school?” We provide Here’s a list:


While choosing a school the very first thing that pops up in mind is its locality, which province it’s located in. you wouldn’t want your kid’s school to be crazy far from you. reputation

There are probably hundreds of schools in your area and all of them claim to be the best one around. And of course, you want your kid to be enrolled in a well-reputed school so shortlist the number of reputed schools in your locality down to 10 or 20 schools.


The very first thing that comes in mind is whether you can afford a big reputable school for your kids or not. there’s a misconception in India that public schools are way too expensive for a middle-class family there are tons of public/co-ed schools offering quality education at very reasonable rates one which you can afford just have to look around a little.

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4.Teacher to student ratio

You wouldn’t want your kids to be enrolled in an overcrowded school. More the students harder it is for a teacher to manage them. The student-teacher ratio should be 20:1 to PS more than that is just too much to handle for a single person.


This factor is as significant as the others considering how many kids lacking it these days. You might want to pick a school with a high level of discipline so that your child in her righteous values and always takes responsibility for his/her actions.


This is probably the most important factor of al. since school is a place where your kid starts developing morals, intuitive and cognitive skills you’d want your kids to be in the best around because’ bad environment’ of behaving adverse effects on your kids to put its imply it ‘l spoil your kid. So always pick a school with well-disciplined and full of literate people.


No one wants to compromise their Childs’s hygiene so hygienic environment is a key to a kid’s healthy life. Always picks a school that values a hygienic environment.

8. Extra curriculum activities

A lot of school offers different curriculum activities to offer your kids so not only can get quality education but a physical development as well. So keep this factor in mind while selecting a school for your kid.

9. Space and security

Before enrolling your kid in any school make sure it has wide avenue and double-check all the security measures in schools as there are a lot of kidnapping cases in India, especially in schools.

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10. Curriculum

Before getting your kid enrolled in a school, check what curriculum it follows whether t’s CBSE or ICSE and then select accordingly.

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