Here’s why parwal will be an ‘incredible addition’ to your diet

Pointed gourd "is one of the healthiest monsoon vegetables available in India but sadly it is also a highly neglected one," Dr Rachna Agarwal told

Parwal, also called green potato or pointed gourd, is a perennial vegetable that comes loaded with numerous health benefits and can do wonders for the body. This is why nutritionist Lovneet Batra believes that this “highly nutritious vegetable” will be an “incredible addition to your diet.”

Agreeing, Dr Rachna Agarwal, a nutrition expert, said that parwal is “one of the healthiest monsoon vegetables available in India. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, B and C, and fibre; but sadly it is also highly neglected.” She added that the vegetable can also help in “promoting weight loss, detox the liver, lowering blood cholesterol, and regulating acid levels.”

Dr Agarwal, however, suggested peeling the gourd before consuming to reduce the effect of pesticides and chemicals sprayed on plants. “Discard the tough seeds and use the pulp,” she said. She told that parwal soup is one of the easiest way to consume it, warning against consuming it raw as it can “be injected with a colouring agent to make the vegetable look brighter.”

Lovneet Batra also listed some of the benefits of the vegetable.

Protects skin aging: Wrinkles and fine lines are the most common visible signs of ageing on our face. Parwal consists of good amounts of antioxidants, vitamin A and C that helps to fight free radical molecules that encourage these signs.

Natural blood purifier: Parwal also has blood-purifying properties that can help in purifying the blood and can also protect against many types of serious diseases.

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