How do you deal with life and failure?

Why is it so hard for us to own our mistakes and what happens when we actually do own them?

“Everyone in this room has failed at some thing at some point,” Cristel Carrisi starts her talk. She then talks about failure as a concept. “In the United States, failure is something that’s talked about. Yet, it’s only cool to talk about failure form a place of success and power.”

“My parents are known singers in Italy, and ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been subjected to public judgement and mass media. And so growing up and keeping up appearances isn’t easy,” she says.

“When I was 24, I founded my first company. My fashion swimwear brand. I truly gave it my all. Until one day, I found my accountant telling me we have to shut it down, there’s no way to continue profitably,” Carrisi says.

She adds that she was too scared to close down because of what people would think. But it was her accountant who told her to give herself credit for the things she had accomplished, and how far she had come.

“My first fashion show was in my dad’s backyard. And when the guests arrived, it had rained everywhere. Everything was soaking wet and nobody wanted to sit down and watch the show. Even when they did sit down, the models were completely unprofessional, because I couldn’t afford professional models,” she says.

“Over those 7 years though, I managed to grow my brand into an internationally recognised brands. I received thousands of emails of happy clients. In the end, we think that failure should be inspiring. I was so fixated on how I had to close down my company that I totally wiped away all the things I had learnt and accomplished in those 7 years.”

“My life looks incredible on Instagram and I promise it is far from it. I just choose not to show my lows on social media,” she adds.

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Carrisi concludes by saying, “Life is 10 per cent of what happens to us, and 90 per cent how we react to it.”

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