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How has the pandemic ,screwed child birth all across the globe.

child brith
child birth


Covid has more than one way of claiming the peace of life. Not that our governments pay enough attention to Family planning. They don’t really have much say in bedroom conversations either. A change in population distribution after 2020 is imminent.


In the most impoverished places, where women often have the least choice in the matter, a baby boom is very likely to happen.


The Guttmacher institute a pro-choice think tank points out that the strain placed on health care systems during covid 19 is likely to disrupt sexual health services. Especially the gynaecological departments. It is estimated that. Even a fall of 10 % in the use of such services in 132 low and middle -income countries, Will mean that 50 million more women will not get the contraceptives they need this year. Leading to 15 m unintended pregnancies.


In the rich world, in contrast, women tend to have greater control over family planning. This means the anxiety caused by the pandemic looks likely to cause a sharp decline in birth rates.


Covid 19 threatens to speed up decade-old trends towards smaller families in rich countries.


The different fertility rates of a few countries are as follows-

The fertility rate is calculated on births per woman. Abbreviated as ” bpw.”




Singapore -1.1 bpw

Netherlands – 1.6 bpw

Germany – 1.6 bpw

The United States -1.7 bpw



China-1.7 bpw

India-2.24 bpw

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