How to go back to work after holidays: Follow these dos and don’ts

You must already have heard of post-vacation syndrome, more commonly known as ‘post-holiday blues’, something that a lot of people feel after days of celebration, spending time with family, and relaxation during the holiday season. Symptoms may be frustration, insomnia, low energy, anxiety, and lack of concentration. People usually find it difficult to get back to their pre-holidays routine, catching up with pending tasks and backlogged work, unread emails, the fast pace of deadlines, etc. Now that Christmas, New Year and year-end vacations are coming to a end, it is time to get back to your work routine.

With offices and schools closing again owing to a rise in Covid cases, going back to working-from-home will take an even more conscious effort. Here are a few tips that might help:

Set an intention

To simply accept that the holiday season is over is a great place to start. Don’t procrastinate work by doing household chores until it’s lunch time. This will delay your getting-back-to-work mode for a longer period of time and you will feel more stress and anxiety.

Clear your first morning of meetings

Scheduling meetings on the very first morning of the day you are returning will not only hit you hard with all the workload, but also impede getting acquainted. People feel drained after long, back-to-back meetings which may just waste the first day back. Instead of group meetings, connect with a coworker as this will help to get back into work.

Make a list

Take the first hour or two to make yourself a to-do list for the day, tidy your work desk, get your coffee and water. Ideally, avoid looking at emails until you have a clear list of priorities for the day.

Don’t overdo it

Often, people think that working extra hard and extra long on the first day or two will guide them back into the pre-holidays work routine. But, that isn’t healthy. Give yourself the pace you need as this will also help reap the benefits of the positivity and the feeling of being refreshed during the holidays. This will help you start your work with renewed vigour as opposed to guilt for the time off.

Give yourself buffer time before staring a diet

People often commit to a lot of detox diets and cleanses after holiday feasting. But, restricting your food intake drastically while you are also trying to go back into concentrating at work can be a tough game, adding a significant amount of stress. If you are planning to sign up for a weight loss plan, hold that off for a little longer and allow yourself time to find your rhythm back with the help of some gentle movement at first, a formula that applies to your work schedule as well.

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