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How to Hire a Qualified Digital Marketing Expert: Few Questions to Ask Candidates

It can be challenging for a businessman, recruiter, or really any other type of decision-maker to hire a digital marketing expert to help grow a business – especially if they themselves are not experts in this field.

For instance, how will they know how to evaluate a candidate’s true capabilities, expertise, or even fully vet references from previous jobs?

This decision becomes if more difficult if you are the person doing the hiring. You feel the weight of the responsibility to fill the role quickly, but with the right person. You need to work efficiently, but you can’t rush the process.

After all, hiring the wrong candidate not only wastes time and resources but can also become a lost opportunity to hit your goals.

Thus, striking the right middle ground of a swift hiring process with digital marketing strategy that actually finds the best candidates for your open position becomes an all-consuming procedure instead of just one of your daily tasks aimed at improving the business.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Digital Marketing Expert?

Before we dive into these questions, let’s take a moment to highlight what responsibilities of a digital marketing expert should be.

Digital marketing consultant should have hands-on experience in setting up and optimizing several marketing channels such as:

●      Pay per click (PPC)

●      Search engine optimization (SEO)

●      Content marketing

●      Email marketing

●      Social media marketing

●      Native advertising

●      Affiliate marketing

They should have strong experience in both the creative and technical aspects of marketing.

In short, that means that they should have experience conceptualizing campaigns, working with designers to create images and videos and writing compelling copy that speaks to the target audience (creative) while also setting up campaigns, using various platforms for digital marketing services, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and creating reports (technical).

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It is important to remember that a great digital marketing expert candidate can – and should – learn new platforms down the road. So, it is not necessarily an immediate red flag if they don’t have experience in a specific platform that you use. It is, however, important that you have all the information on their expertise and potential so you can make an informed decision.

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