Husband showed up as soon as he came out of the hotel with lover, then this ruckus happened

A high voltage drama was seen between husband and wife in Amritsar, Punjab. As soon as the man’s wife came out of the hotel room with her lover, the husband started raining on her. This entire case was captured in a nearby CCTV.

It is being told that the woman was having a divorce case with her husband, but even after taking money from the husband, the woman refused to divorce and the woman’s husband came to know that his wife was in a private hotel with her lover. . Then what was the husband reached the hotel with some of his friends and after seeing the wife in the hotel, beat him up in front of everyone.

The man is a police constable and hails from Jalandhar and his wife is from Gurdaspur and her boyfriend is an employee of SGPC. The man has accused his wife that he was having a love affair with a young man for a long time and she had been cheating on him for a long time. When she came to know that she had come to the hotel with her lover, he reached to hold her red-handed.

The constable alleges that she got married about six years ago. But the wife often kept fighting with him on small matters. Many times the wife used to go to the maternal house after a dispute. Both families and the panchayat had also made a compromise, both will remain in Jalandhar peacefully.

The constable told that often his wife used to be busy on mobile. He began to doubt his wife’s character. Which was monitoring for a long time. Ranjit Avenue police station in-charge Inspector Robin Hans said that the matter is being investigated. The detained lover couple is being interrogated.

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