In the midst of SC hearing on same-sex marriage, Kangana Ranaut says, ‘Your personality isn’t what you truly do in bed’

Entertainer Kangana Ranaut took to Twitter on Friday morning and said that one’s orientation, or their sexual inclinations, are of no result to any other individual except for themselves. In a progression of tweets, Kangana said that one should not make their sexual inclinations their “personality card or decorations and parade” them. Her series of tweets come when the High Court is hearing the appeal for the authorization of same-sex marriage in India with the Middle contending against it.

Kangana expressed, “What you do on the planet is your character, not what you in all actuality do in bed. Anything your sexual inclinations are they should stay in your bed as it were. Try not to make them your character card or decorations and display all over the place. In particular don’t wander around with a blade to slit each jugular who disagree with your orientation. I’m again saying your orientation isn’t your character don’t make it that way.” She then talked about herself and said that she is a “lady from country region” who needed to creator her spot in the showbiz.

Her next tweet demanded that she sees individuals as “individual energies” and “not men/ladies/homo/hetro/genuinely amazing or powerless” and added that she doesn’t pass judgment on individuals. “Free yourself from orientation or some other restricting insight… . Get going as what your identity is and Dharma says you are God outright heavenly far past the physical… ” she composed.

In her last tweet, she educated guardians with respect to everything they ought to say their kids when they ask what their identity is and gave them three lessons.

Movie producer Hansal Mehta, who has been a vocal ally of the LGBTQ freedoms in India, likewise took to Twitter as of late when one of the netizens answered one of his prior tweets about the High Court procedures. The client required a prohibition on same-sex marriage and likened the LGBTQ people group to a “illness.” Hansal answered this tweet and expressed, “You are a sickness.”

Hansal Mehta has recently coordinated Manoj Bajpayee starrer Aligarh where his hero is oppressed in view of his sexual direction.

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