‘In this next chapter of your life, choose ‘you’’: Former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach

Amid the current environment of speaking up for mental health, former Filipina beauty queen has opened up about her trials and tribulations during her reign as Miss Universe. Pia Wurtzbach spoke candidly about her mental health struggles and how she overcame them. Take a look at the inspiring video here:

The 32-year-old, now an international brand ambassador and model, said she was hardly able to make ends meet when people assumed she had the picture perfect life. She recalled having the worst time of her life.

“It looked like the perfect fairy tale ending to a life-long struggle. Of family breaking apart, financial struggles and dreams being pushed away. Maybe from afar it did look perfect, but the reality was far from it and what people saw after my reign was a Cinderella story and a happy ending but I was struggling even more inside. What happens is, when you’re Miss Universe you’re usually given a psychiatrist because you need that when your life is suddenly changed overnight. You need help.”

She continued: “Especially for me, with thousands of people sending me death threats, it was during those sessions that I was diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder and major depression. All of the pain, and the suffering I endured all my life caught up to me and manifested itself in an ugly self-destructive way.”

“You’d think that the crown and the title would be the bandage to all of that, you’d think that it would be enough to make sense of all the pain and the rejection, but it didn’t. I never really faced or acknowledged that I was sad because when you’re struggling to make ends meet you don’t think about yourself anymore; there’s no time to think about how you feel when your family is dependent on you, there’s no time to think about you and when the whole country is looking at you.”

She concluded by saying, ”In this next chapter of your life, choose ‘you’ this time, that regardless of the struggles, regardless of your imperfections and missteps, it’s what’s in here that matters. I want to remind you to stay true to yourself and to your purpose and I hope you do it with all your heart.”

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