India vs. Australia: The Contemporary Rivalry That Took the Cricket onto a Sterling Juncture

Steve Waugh's mighty Australia began a tour for a series of India vs Australia. And Waugh even added spice to the series by labelling India as 'The Final Frontier'.

Test Cricket, is a sterling juncture that have established its hegemony in the game onto this planet. ODI, T2o, T1o may come and go but what Test cricket has rendered over the ages to the Cricketing World would never be overshadowed by anyone. It is smouldered in the hearts and souls of every fans, players and fraternities. It is the purest sort or form of the sport. It’s the shape of the that basically ‘tests’ a player’s character- a batsman’s ability to play the scheme, a bowlers ability to toil all day long, a Captain’s ability to stick with his tactics straight out of the bat.

“Before he even knew, he become the heartthrob of entire nation in early 90s, and since then for next 24 years till he retired he was the most respected cricketer in the history of games.”

India has a history of producing the innumerable amount of great players in Test Cricket who have gone on to enthral and bewitch the cricketing world. Sunil Gavaskar was the primary big Superstar that Indian Cricket grew. The ‘Little Master’ was India’s only hope under the murky sky during his time while the rest of India shuddered and was in complete chaos. He stood up to the likes of the mighty, shuddering attack who were known for their fearsome pace. Also known as “The Four Horsemen” the quartet of the West Indies were never same again, after the Clash of Titans.

“The Four Horsemen of West Indies Cricket Team were a force to Reckon- Michael Holding, Colin Craft, Andy Roberts and Joel Garner used to decimate any batting line-up from head to toe with ease.”

Then, came the age of the long-lasting Sachin Tendulkar. There has been no cricketer within the history of the sport, who has been venerated the maximum amount as Tendulkar was, during his phenomenal career that lasted almost 1 / 4 of a century. The age of Tendulkar also saw several other great batsmen, including the likes of “The Wall” Rahul Dravid, “The Prince of Bengal” Sourav Ganguly, “Mr Very, Very, Very Special” VVS Laxman, and the “Sultan of Multan” Virender Sehwag. These five men were the pioneering pillars of the Indian batting line up during the entire first decade of the new millennium. After the retirement of Tendulkar, Virat Kohli has taken the legacy of the master forward. The present Indian skipper has pulverised bowling attacks everywhere on the planet and has emerged because of the monarch of all that he has surveyed. He’s now the fulcrum of the Indian batting line up.

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“The Little Master Blaster in his blistering knock never missed a beat, even for a mere second.”

Great sportsmen are made from a robust mental make-up that’s inaccessible to the lesser mortals of the game. They will mould their game to suit things and appearance at the challenge within the eye, and conquer it. There was a person in this stronghold who has dominated this 22-yard pitch for an impeccable 24 years—a person who had decimated the best bowling line-ups in the world with no accolades to them. In the Era of 90s, when the entire roster fell in the gyre of profound disparity, this person stood atop all the bowlers in the world and bowed down humbly to his class and superiority. Within the year 2004, at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Sachin Tendulkar took batsman ship to a whole new level by refusing to play one cover drive through the offside. It had been a master showing the planet that he can entirely cut out one a part of the sector, but can still play the way he wanted to. Brett Lee was driven down the bottom enigmatically, Nathan Bracken was flicked past mid-wicket with a great set of hands, and Stuart MacGill was cut and swept to the boundary which strived fear among the hearts of Aussies who stood on the ground, facing the master himself. And, during a vigil that lasted 436 balls, Tendulkar carved out a potent 241*, that justify the Australians dumbfounded and backasswards. India vs Australia was re-ignited.

“Two Young Guns fired from all cylinders and went on to create a history on Eden gardens.”

The year 2001 saw the rise of a duo in Indian Cricket. It had been the year when the Indian team showed the planet that they too, can fight with vigour that they too, can rise up to a gauntlet. Steve Waugh’s mighty Australia began a tour for a series of India vs Australia. And Waugh even added spice to the series by labelling India as ‘The Final Frontier’. The Australians thrashed the Indians by ten wickets within the first test, and on to the second test at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata, made India follow on after dismissing the hosts cheaply inside the first innings. It was expected that India would crumble again within the bounds of the second innings also, but then, a person called VVS Laxman had another script at his disposal. Laxman used the bat in his hand like a magic wand, spitted out some enchanting words and played strokes of breathtakingly beauty that cast a spell on the Australians. Even the likes of “Pigeon” Glenn McGrath and “Spin King” Shane Warne were justify clueless in the prefecture as Laxman piled more pain and sufferings on to Aussie attack and concocted one of the finest knocks of his career that placed him among the ranks of best in the world. He played a stupendous knock of 281 at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata. It was such an outstanding inning that the enchantment of Laxman overshadowed Wall’s 180 within the same match. It was an innings that made the world sit back and notice the belligerent beauty of one of the finest on display. It instilled a way of immense self-belief within the Indian team, and also gave India the arrogance that they will come from any situation and win a match.

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“Now the future of Upcoming generation of Indian Cricket team rests upon the shoulder of youngsters like Virat Kohli, who took the baton and are the flag bearer of next generation.”

The Indo-Australian rivalry is one of the greatest rivalries and is only second to the Ashes. But in some of the recent concluding series where the heat was on its full brunt, the players in no mood to give an inch and strived for the glory, putting their lives on the line. Having seen this sporting and passion for the game by both teams made the great player of the match Steve Waugh to give his views. He said that the India-Australia rivalry is now on the same level of intensity that the Ashes has portrayed over the years.

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