Indian Air Force gets Ashok Leyland bulletproof vehicles

Ashok Leyland has delivered its first lot of bulletproof vehicles to the Indian Air Force. Here are the details.

UPDATED: April 17, 2021 22:55 IST

Ashok Leyland has strengthened its Armoured vehicle platform by delivering first of its kind “Light Bulletproof Vehicles” (LBPV) to the Indian Air Force. Ashok Leyland delivered the first lot of these vehicles on April 13th. LBPV is an adopted version of Lockheed Martin’s (LM) CVNG (Common Vehicle NextGen). It is completely indigenized and developed in India.

LBPV has got four main characteristics that make it ideal for a host of military applications. These include high off-road mobility in mud, sand, rocks, and shallow water. The LBPV has an extremely high payload fraction and can accommodate a crew of six and ample cargo space to carry substantial mission equipment. The vehicle’s ride quality has been optimised so that the crew can easily endure driving long distances off-road. The vehicle offers protection and combat capability as well and will be able to keep the crew protected from both ballistic and blast threats and at the same time can launch attacks.

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