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Gandhi G

Gandhi G was the first Indian backpacker. And a fantastic blogger. During our independence struggle, he backpacked across all of India. Everybody had common problems those days, and he convinced all the people to unite and get independence, to make our own laws, open some lovely coffee shops, some good ashrams, eat healthy food mostly vegan, take care of animals and the environment. But his life wasn’t easy either. Google him see his struggle and survival, judge for yourself or better don’t judge at all, feel.

But the more significant struggle started after independence. India had a massive population without living shelters, refugee issues, nonfunctioning public offices. And the new constitution was being written. Anybody who could steal was stealing and running. Pakistan was separating, and then there were the Kashmir issues. There was also no good source of food production for a mass population nor much foreign aid. And don’t even talk about education, there were no resources until the late 1950s to be spent on education. Different political parties and their supporters with huge followings were rushing to seize opportunities, inhibiting local people. And there was little modern business infrastructure.

Yes, corruption is still prevalent in our country. We are a nation of a huge population of poor people. It’s chaos but you cannot deny seeing how far was the starting point when compared to other nations.

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Raja Ram Mohan Roy

The condition of women in India has always been a debatable topic. As in different economic and social strata, conditions are different. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was an Indian backpacker, who travelled a lot in East India company provinces all around the globe. His exposure led him to break out of the orthodox culture at that time. He fought for equal rights of inheritance for women, fought against child marriage and to abolish the practice of Sati, which means after the death of the husband, his Hindu wife had to burn herself in her husband’s cremation. This was done as a  karmic sacrifice for her husband’s next life. Many times when women didn’t burn themselves by choice they were forced and drugged to do so. He sought his philosophical beliefs in Vedas, the sacred scriptures of Hinduism and Upanishads, which are Indian old philosophical text.

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