IPL 2020: Qualification Scenarios for the Indian Premier League Playoffs Explained

Note: This article will be updated daily based on the points table and qualification scenarios.

The 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League is turning out to be one of the closest in terms of teams qualifying for the playoffs as only one team is eliminated from the race. (Ironically, the only team that held a 100% playoff record before the season started, Chennai Super Kings). As things stand, net run rates also play an important role.

Points table after Match No 48

Points table after Match No 48

Even after 48 matches played in the Indian Premier League, no team has officially made it to the playoffs for the 2020 edition. Mumbai Indians, with their win against Royal Challengers Bangalore on Wednesday, became the first team to reach 16 points.

Remaining fixtures in IPL 2020

Remaining fixtures in IPL 2020

1.) Mumbai Indians

Points: 16

Played: 12, Won: 8

Remaining matches: DC, SRH

It may not be mathematically official, but Mumbai Indians are the first team for all but ensure their participation in the playoffs as they reach 16 points with a superb net run rate. An NRR of +1.186 means that MI is a significant advantage, even in the less likely scenario of five teams with 16 points. A win against DC or SRH would be enough to ensure a top-two spot for the defending champions as only one other team gets a chance to reach 18 points.

2.) Royal Challengers Bangalore

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Points: 14

Played: 12, Won: 7

Remaining matches: SRH, DC

Despite some defeats at the trot, Royal Challengers Bangalore is still well placed to reach the playoffs for the first time since 2016. If they win one of their remaining matches, a 16-point and five-way tie on NRR is likely to be a close fight in that case. If RCB wins both their matches, the top two finishes are assured. However, this whisper, the loss in the last two matches could be bad news for Virat Kohli & Co., there is still a scenario where the FIVE teams can be tied at 14 points, and it is a bit of a panic for RCB on the final day May wait SRH (with a good NRR) take over MI.

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3.) Delhi Capitals

Delhi Capitals

Points: 14

Played: 12, Won: 7

Remaining matches: MI, RCB

Is all this once again badly wrong for Delhi? After a stunning start to the season, DC’s three consecutive defeats have put them in a difficult position. While the pace is an abstraction, the real problem for Delhi Capitals is that their last two matches are against MI and RCB and their NRR suffered a serious injury after a heavy defeat. It is highly likely that they may lose both their remaining matches and tie for four or five matches on 14 points. Another win would ease their nerves, while two wins would ensure a top two. In all likelihood, the match between DC and RCB is a shootout to see who earns the finishing touches in the top two.

4.) Kings XI Punjab

Kings XI Punjab

Point: 12

Played: 12, Won: 6

Remaining matches: RR, CSK

After six defeats in the first seven matches, Kings XI Punjab has made a serious comeback by winning five on the trot. They are currently the form team in the tournament and have two matches against RR and CSK to be eliminated from the group stage. Should they make it seven consecutive wins, they would reach 16 points which could result in a five-tie. KXIP’s NRR is not the healthiest at the moment, so KL Rahul and co would do well to keep an eye on their winning margin. KXIP could eliminate RR from the playoff race to reach 14 points, and they should lose to CSK after that. If DC / RCB and SRH are involved, a 14-point tie scenario is unlikely to get in the way of KXIP.

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If KXIP loses their last two matches, they cannot qualify.

Interestingly, both KXIP and KKR have been with the same opponent in their last two matches.

5.) Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders

Points: 12

Played: 12, Won: 6

Remaining matches: CSK, RR

In a way, Kolkata Knight Riders fate is still in his hands. Eoin Morgan and co can be part of a five-way tie for 16 points and will have to improve their NRR significantly, apart from winning them in their last two matches. Should they lose to CSK, KKR could also eliminate RR in their final match and then expect an NRR advantage in a 14-point tie scenario.

Both KXIP and KKR face the same opponent in their last two matches. And KKR has a slight advantage in this, as they played their last match after playing KXIP.

6.) Rajasthan Royals

Rajasthan Royals

Points: 10

Played: 12, Won: 5

Remaining matches: KXIP, KKR

In the top four races, Rajasthan Royals has the advantage (if they can see it that way) that their last two matches are directly against rivals to qualify. Should RR win both of their matches, they will ensure KKR and KXIP can only get a maximum of 14 points and then it will go to NRR between multiple teams. A defeat against KXIP or KKR would end RR’s hopes of reaching the playoffs.

RR can qualify without playing NRR when it reaches the 14th mark, KXIP and KKR lose the rest of their match, and SRH loses one of their last two. Not entirely impossible.

7.) Sunrisers Hyderabad

Sunrisers Hyderabad

Marks: 10

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Played: 12, Won: 5

Remaining matches: RCB, MI

Interestingly, Sunrisers Hyderabad ended with two matches in Sharjah and are against RCB and MI. David Warner and co must hope that their batting unit has clicked time to score the final. They are in the same position as RR but with a better NRR. They must win their last two matches, a defeat would end their playoff hopes.

Should SRH defeat RCB and have other results go their way, Warner’s team has a significant advantage in the sense that they have a healthy NRR and play the last of the group stages against an MI side that has already played Only the top two can assure a finish. The Orange Army can have no difficult equation before them to qualify with 14 points.

8.) Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings

Marks: 8

Played: 12, Won: 4

Remaining matches: KKR, KXIP

In the list of bizarre game developments of 2020, Chennai Super Kings will be the only team to remain out of playoff contention at the end of the IPL’s business. Nevertheless, as they did against RCB, CSK can play poorly in their last two matches as they face KKR and KXIP and need a win to reach the top four.

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