Jalandhar: Lady Teacher Forced To Marry 13-Year-Old Student, Stays in the House for 6 Days

A strange case of forcibly marrying a lady school teacher from Jalandhar with her 13-year-old student has been revealed. It is being told about this incident in the township Bawa Khel area of ​​the city that the school teacher’s wedding was getting late, so he did it due to superstition. The teacher felt that by doing this, his faults would be removed. A complaint was filed against the teacher in the police on behalf of the family of the minor student.

Jalandhar: Lady Teacher Forced To Marry 13-Year-Old Student, Stays in the House for 6 Days

According to the charge, the teacher lured the student to his house for 6 days by offering tuition and got married. However, this marriage was only symbolic. Student’s family members are financially weak. The teacher asked the class student to leave his house for a few days to work hard on his studies. The student’s housemates got ready for this.

In the charge lodged with the police, it was said that by keeping the student forcibly in the house for 6 days, all the marriage rituals were completed. Turmeric-mehndi was composed, and the drama of euthanasia was also composed, after which the bangles were made to break the bangles and become a widow at the behest of the Pandit. Not only this, but a condolence meeting was also organized.

After the wedding rituals were completed, the student was sent home. The child’s family members allege that the teacher and his family also got the housework done. After returning home, the student heard the family members.

After knowing all this, the family members were agitated, and they complained to the Basti Bawa Khel police station. However, the accused teacher and the Pandit who advised him reached the police station and tried to crack the case. The student’s family members also withdrew the complaint. But when information about this case reached senior police officers, orders were ordered to be made in a hurry.

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Jalandhar DSP Gurmeet Singh admitted that such a marriage had taken place, and the matter is under the police department’s cognizance. He said that he is investigating the matter because it is a crime to wrongly hold a child in the house without the family’s consent; even though the marriage is symbolic, it is illegal to marry a minor.

Simultaneously, the accused teacher and her family have told the policemen that the girl was not being married for a long time. When Pandit was talked to in this regard, he said that there is a Manglik defect due to which the marriage is not being done, so this defect will have to be removed by having a symbolic marriage. The teacher and his family got into trouble, following the advice of this pundit.

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