Jamie Campbell Bower on the moment he got to know he’s Stranger Things villain Vecna: ‘Awesome, I’m not wrong!’

When Eleven first met One at Dr. Brenner’s lab, it seemed they would join forces against everything that’s been plaguing Hawkins. But when it turned out that it was One playing the big bad villain all this while, Eleven was as shocked as the viewers of Netflix show Stranger Things.

That’s why actor Jamie Campbell Bower’s performance in the series is winning accolades. From being the soft-hearted, mentor-like figure One to an unapologetic Vecna who embraces his dark side to create the Upside Down, Bower has displayed his acting chops to the full extent.

stranger things villain vecna actor jamie campbell bower Jamie Campbell Bower’s character has three alter-egos in Stranger Things 4 – Henry Creel, One and Vecna. (Photo: Netflix)In a recent interview, Bower said that he had an inkling that his One/Henry Creel/Vecna is the main villain of not just season four, but the entire series. He told Hollywood Reporter, “It was almost like I knew. It never felt like, ‘Oh my God, I have to live up to this.’ Because for me, internally, the only thought process I had was, ‘Oh no, I created this. This was my doing.’ And I had that thought from quite early on. So there was never a fear of receiving the information and feeling like I had to live up to it. It was more like, ‘Awesome, I’m not wrong!’”

From getting into his demon costume that took more than seven hours, to getting the Vecna-voice, Jamie Campbell Bower has been sharing a lot of BTS videos on his Instagram handle. While the actor worked on his body language, he was equally concerned about the walk for Vecna. He told Hollywood Reporter, “The walk was at first on my own figuring out the stillness and purpose of why I was walking the way I was walking. And then I had to try to make it as natural and realistic as possible while wearing the [costumed] feet.”

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“In terms of gait and poise and posture, it was about: Where is the power coming from? Where is that center of gravity? I don’t have to be wild and manic, I can be precise and chosen, and dominating,” Bower added.

stranger things 4 vecna actor jamie campbell bower Jamie Campbell Bower took seven-and-a-half hours of makeup and prosthetics to get into the skin of Vecna. (Photo: Netflix)Such was Jamie Campbell Bower’s preparedness, that he even intimidated his co-stars Milli Bobby Brown (Eleven) and Sadie Sink (Max) on set. That’s not all. Actor Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) also felt “unsettled” seeing Bower walk around as Vecna on the sets. Bower said his co-stars’ reaction assured him that he was “doing the right thing”.

Jamie Campbell Bower’s performance in Stranger Thing Season 4 has left social media buzzing with fans’ reactions. For many, it reminded them of movies like Halloween and Hellraiser.

Bower, however, believes Henry Creel aka One had a lot of humanity, and thus he tried to get Eleven on his side to share his power. But when Eleven turned against him, he was left with anger and resentment.

So how does Jamie Campbell Bower see Vecna returning in Stranger Things Season 5? “Where do I see him now? They say suffering. I say rebuilding,” he said.

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