Jannat Zubair says ‘no-kissing policy’ is for life: ‘This is the reason I am not focussing on OTT’

After being a popular child actor, Jannat Zubair is now reaching newer heights professionally as a social media creator. Today, she has more than 43 million followers on Instagram, almost akin to a top Bollywood star. Presently seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi 12, the 20-year-old has left not just host Rohit Shetty, her co-contestants but also the audience amazed with her never-say-die attitude.

Talking about her journey, Jannat, in a recent chat with indianexpress.com, shared that like most people, she too had presumed herself as a weakling on the stunts-based show. “People feel I am young and thus very delicate. But this show has helped me prove that I am stronger than I appear. Because of my physicality, I too had my share of apprehensions about whether I could pull off tough tasks compared to the men. However, I realised that your height, weight, and gender, nothing matters above your willpower. And I am so glad that I have broken the perception around me.”

Opening up about her career transition from a child actor to a social media influencer, Jannat said that she is proud of her journey, and has no second thoughts. “Everything is fine. It’s just as we had planned or actually better than that,” she said. The young star further added that she signed up for these short-form video apps around four years ago without any idea how it would blow up. “I didn’t know what going viral meant or even the term influencer. I never knew this would become my new profession altogether. We just went with the flow and everything happened magically.”

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Although Jannat Zubair laughed at our audacity to ask if social media pays more than acting, she did agree to it. She also added that it has helped her get more work and popularity. “And the best part is that people now love me for who I am. They like Jannat and not just the character that I am playing. That’s a very big achievement for any actor. However, it’s a little funny though that the ones who started following me via social media don’t know that I have been an actor for so long. I have spent my entire childhood acting but they feel I am just an internet sensation.”

Jannat also addressed the responsibilities that come with his big numbers as she said, “Most of my followers are young. There is a lot of pressure to make content accordingly as you cannot take a risk. In today’s time, the word ‘follow’ is believed to be in the literal sense as everyone is copying whatever you do. Thus one has to be careful about the content that you put out.”

Elaborating on her acting plans, she shared that she is looking forward to the release of her Punjabi film, and wants to stay away from television for some time. As for OTT, she is steering clear because of the medium’s demand. A few years back when Jannat was playing the lead in Tu Aashiqui, her parents had announced that she would follow a ‘no-kissing policy’, given her age. Stating that it will remain so throughout her career, the actor said, “That has been the policy and will be so for life. If it wasn’t a well-thought plan, I don’t think it would have made to the headlines. This is also the reason why I am not focussing on OTT at all.”

On a final note, Jannat added that while she may be only 20 years, she is confident to pull any character and is waiting to get meaty offers.

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