Johnny Depp Stuns Fans With New Clean-Shaven Look As He Begins Working On Next Film

Actor Johnny Depp whipped fans into a frenzy as he was recently spotted at the Paris airport with a new clean-shaven look.

In photos shared on a fan account, the ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean star was spotted wearing a beige jacket with a new braided hairstyle. He was seen smiling and waving to his fans briefly as he made his way to a car waiting outside the airport in Paris.

Mr Depp was seen pulling off his new clean-shaven look. The actor sported a pair of dark sunglasses and a brown fedora hat matching his hair.

Since being shared, the pictures have gone viral on the internet. One internet user wrote, “Mr Depp is looking super,” while another said, “Johnny is perfect”. “Looking very fresh-faced,” said third. “Tbh I like his bearded look more but he’s stunning anyways,” added fourth.

Johnny Depp was spotted in France following a costume trial for his upcoming film. According to People, Mr Depp will be playing the role of French King Louis XV in a movie titled ‘Jeanne du Barry‘.

Recently, Mr Depp’s representatives refuted the claims of him returning to Disney. Denying rumours that the actor signed a new $301 million deal with Disney, his representatives told NBC News that the reports of the actor returning as Captain Jack Sparrow to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is “made up”.

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