Julia Roberts ‘can’t stop kissing’ husband Daniel Moder on 20th anniversary; know the secrets to a long-lasting marriage

It’s been 20 years since Hollywood star Julia Roberts tied the knot with cinematographer Daniel Moder, and she still appears to be deeply-smitten by him.

The Wonder actor recently marked two decades of their togetherness with a throwback photo captioned, “Twenty #can’tstopsmiling #can’tstopkissing”, in which Julia can be seen passionately kissing Daniel.

Hollywood star Julia Roberts gushes over Daniel Moder as she celebrates their 20th marriage anniversary. (Photo: Instagram)

So, what is the secret to a healthy and long-lasting relationship? We spoke with Dr Vidhya Nair, a psychologist, who listed down the many reasons that can make relationships a success.

Stressing the importance of communication, she said, “Expressing yourself with specificity helps your partner understand you better. You can’t expect the other person to know everything about you at all times. This is where communication helps in avoiding misunderstandings. It also helps to set expectations clearly, and practicing boundaries.”

We all have our own ways of expressing love. Some of us might enjoy physical touch, while some others may like exchanging gifts. “Each individual has a different love language. Knowing your partner’s love language and reciprocating the same helps them feel loved in the relationship,” Dr Vidhya explained.

According to her, relationships are not immune to changes and there will be tough times. However, to keep the marriage going, individuals need to be willing to work on their relationship. “No relation stays the same throughout life. But, if two individuals are willing to work and evolve with it, then the marriage keeps going,” revealed Dr Vidhya.

To make the marriage stronger, happier, and long-lasting, Dr Vidhya shared some tips:

*Work on yourselves and your insecurities to be able to bring the best in the relationship and also help your partner do the same.

*Be aware of your and your partner’s needs and make sure you aren’t de-prioritising either.

*Plan quality time together.

*Do new things together.

*Be willing to accept each other and help each other.

*Respect each other’s boundaries and space.

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