Jungkook Shocked Fans By Deleting His Instagram Account

The BTS Golden Boy has Deleted his Instagram Account and Baffled his ARMY

One of the youngest members of the Korean-pop band BTS, Jungkook has captivated millions of avid Gen-Z fans. He is a talented singer, rapper, and dancer. Jungkook is a talented singer and rapper, the youngest member of the popular South Korean band Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS). He has a huge fan following and popularity in South Korea and other Asian countries. In addition, he has worked on numerous projects and received multiple awards. In 2022, he collaborated with American singer Charlie Puth for their superhit single ‘Left and Right,’ which became a global hit. The song also topped the charts on Spotify.

Moreover, he performed at the 2022 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony and became the first Korean singer to perform at such an event. He is working on his solo music and is expected to release one soon. He has a massive fan base and is known for his rap and dance moves during BTS shows. His lyrics are well-written, and his voice is powerful. The multi-faceted star is also a songwriter and producer. His latest single, “My You,” dedicated to the ARMY (ARMY is the name given to BTS fans), was released recently and melted hearts.

BTS Jungkook deletes his Instagram account

Although he has a large fan base, some people often criticize him for his excessive use of social media. Several times, he has been spotted on Weverse but recently shocked ARMYs by deleting his Instagram account.

This has surprised many people as he was considered the golden boy of K-media. He was a pioneer on Instagram and had a very active profile. On Tuesday, he announced his decision on the forum Weverse. He also shared why he deleted his Instagram account.

Here’s what he said on Weverse “I’m no longer on Instagram. It has not been hacked Because I didn’t use it; I deleted it… do not worry!” He added, “I deleted the app immediately. Don’t think I’ll use it in the future, letting you know in advance!” His fans speculate that this might be a precautionary measure as there are many stalkers.

He often posted videos of himself exercising and even hosted several AMA sessions that broke the internet. As a result, his Instagram had accumulated over 50 million followers at the time of his deletion. He had been the second most followed account on Instagram by a Korean male artist after V from the same group. Before he deleted his Instagram, Jungkook had been very active on Weverse and frequently held live sessions to connect with fans worldwide. He even did an IG live with Taehyung, aka V, one of the most watched IG lives in the platform’s history.

Jungkook aesthetic

If you’re a fan of the popular K-pop boyband BTS, you’ve probably noticed that each member has a unique aesthetic. This includes a signature color scheme, signature pieces, and an overall stylistic expression.

Regarding Jungkook’s style, it’s no surprise that he often wears black. He’s also a big fan of oversized hoodies and simple tracksuit sets. He often pairs them with matching slides.

As a member of BTS, he is known for his impressive IQ and lyrical talent. However, it’s the fashion that makes him stand out. He has experimented with full sleeves, lip piercing, eyebrow studs, and a Medusa piercing, among other things.

Jungkook Tattoos

Fans have spotted an unending array of tattoos on BTS Jungkook’s arms and hands. From a charming emoji face on his finger to a mysterious skeleton hand on his elbow, plenty of different designs have been seen in recent photos. The 24-year-old rapper first revealed his tattoos in September 2019. Since then, he’s continued to expose them one by one. While many fans have guessed what some of his tattoos mean, others have been left in the dark.

jungkook tattoo

On one of his thumbs, the ‘0613’ number is inked. This number, fans believe, refers to June 13, 2013, when BTS debuted. He also has two wise sayings on his forearm: ‘ Rather be dead than cool’ and ‘Make hay while the sun shines.’ His birth flower, the Tiger Flower, is inked on his forearm, with the phrase ‘Please love me’. Besides these, he has the word ‘ARMY’ inked on his knuckles. He has another tattoo with a cloud and lightning design near his elbow pit.

Finally, there are two other designs on his arm. The first one is made from Chinese letters signifying Hwayangyeonha (HYYH), a term that means The Most Beautiful Moment in Life. The second is a design inspired by traditional Korean paintwork called Dancheong.

While tattoos are not illegal in Korea, they aren’t widely accepted by the general public. As a result, musical artists are often prohibited from showing their tattoos on TV shows and live broadcasts.

Jungkook Photos

BTS is one of the world’s most popular bands, and their members are beloved by their fans around the globe. The band’s leader, Jungkook, is no exception. He’s been named the third most loved personality in South Korea and ranked number one for 10 weeks on a Chinese magazine list of the most liked celebrities.

BTS Jungkook is also a devoted dog lover. He recently introduced ARMY to his pet Italian Greyhounds, Song, and Paeng. In a series of Instagram posts, he showed the two dogs in various poses with him. These are considered the cutest photos that he has ever posted. People also like his cute photos showing his wackiest dance moves to a selfie with a sleeping lion.

It was shocking and sad that he deleted his Instagram account, but we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

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