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Kamasutra: Destroying myths and embracing reality

Kamasutra, as explained by Vatsyayana in his book, is very different from what is being propagated today. In order to learn Kamasutra, first, you have to understand sex. Sex is man’s first glimpse into meditation for those few moments there is no time and no mind in play. Kamasutra is a set of practices which keep you in that meditative state for long,or as long as you can sustain your sexual drive. Now to explain Kamasutra let’s take the help of 3 characters from the book Simba travels India.

In the evening, we were sitting with Naveli for some tea and smoke.

Kashu: Don’t you feel stressed and lonely sometimes as Atul stays away for months.

Naveli: Yes, it does get lonely and sometimes controlling my urge is hard, but it’s a good thing that we have an open marriage. My husband and I are practitioners of Kamasutra. So occasionally, I have different lovers to entertain me.

Kashu: What’s Kamasutra? Ahh, the old Indian sexual positions.

Simba: Kamasutra is much more than just positions love. Its a conduct of lovemaking aiming at the highest union between two individuals.

Naveli: A woman does not reach orgasm, just like a man does. When the sexual act is made to trigger, Different psychological sensations of pleasure, In an order unique to each individual, she reaches sexual satisfaction. And the set of practices which make it happen is called Kamasutra.

sculptures of women enjoying Kamasutra

Kashu: Simba define sexual satisfaction as referred in Kamasutra?

Simba: During a sexual act, a man removes a woman’s sexual urge. And that combined with psychological pleasure, the sensation can be called satisfaction.

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Kashu: But how does a man predicts a women’s order of psychological stimulation during sex?

Naveli: A man’s pleasure comes at the end of sexual activity. Whereas the woman’s pleasure is continuous. A man has to carefully look for signs his lover displays, on her face and with her body. To predict which activities will increase the stimulation after the ongoing one. A man is also supposed to have an in-depth knowledge of different sexual activities for different moods of his woman.

Simba: In the early days, some 1000 years before Christ. A man’s masculinity, in the Indian subcontinent, was also judged by how satisfied and happy his wife was. What can I say” hard times both figuratively and literally lol”.

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