Kanpur: Husband Beaten and Expelled From Home, the Woman Accuses Father-In-Law of Rape

A surprising case has emerged from Kanpur. Where a woman has accused her father-in-law of rape. The police arrested the accused father-in-law, sent him to jail, and was involved in investigating the case.

A surprising case has emerged from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Where a daughter-in-law has accused her father-in-law of rape. The victim says that the father-in-law first beat her with her husband and then expelled her from the house. After this, she started living somewhere else, and her husband kept her locked there too. But somehow, the father-in-law would have reached there too and would have carried out the rape incident with him.

One day after getting a chance with difficulty, the victim reached the SSP office and informed the police about the whole case. On the order of SSP, the police have registered an FIR and arrested the accused father-in-law; this case is from Chakeri in Kanpur. The victim, who lives in Coal City, alleges that her father-in-law used to keep a close watch on her since marriage. She would be tortured at her in-laws’ house and sometimes be beaten up by her husband.

Father-In-Law Raped Daughter-In-Law

The victim alleged that the father-in-law, after raping, said that if he wants to stay, he will have to live by compromise. Two days ago, the victim somehow ran away from home and reached the SSP office and told the officers about herself. After this, the police registered an FIR in police station and arrested the accused father-in-law on charges of rape and sent them to jail.

Police Arrested the Accused

On this incident, Deputy SP Tripurari Pandey told that a woman’s office had come; she had made many serious allegations against her father-in-law and brother-in-law. In this case, the Chakeri Police has been instructed to take legal action, and the whole matter is being investigated seriously.

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