Kim Woo-bin and Shin Min-ah’s Our Blues strikes a wistful chord: Fans left emotional by series, draw parallels with Twenty Five Twenty One

Our Blues, starring Kim Woo-bin, Shin Min-ah, Han Ji-min and Lee Byung-Hun seems to be exactly as it sounds, an omnibus of wistful love stories that might or might not have a happy ending. The K-drama has just aired its third episode, and fans are already rather emotional. This seems to have translated into the show’s ratings, as they have soared in South Korea. Our Blues revolves around the lives of a group of people living on Jeju Island.

While one romance ended on a bittersweet note leaving fans to draw parallels with the recently concluded Twenty Five Twenty One, the show has also taken on heavy subjects such as depression, in Shin Min-ah’s story arc. She plays the role of a single mother Seon-ah, who struggles to portray a cheery side to the public, but as the show progresses, it is revealed that she is battling depression. Fans have praised the show for portraying depression in a sensitive and yet realistic manner. One fan wrote, “Sun A’s situation was by far the most interesting thing happening in Ep 4 of #OurBlues for me. They did a great job showing what severe depression looks like, but what really intrigued me the most were these comments from her husband that got me curious to know for how long.” 

Another wrote, “#OurBlues upcoming plots are getting heavy and serious. Seonah, a mother suffering from depression & the two teenagers here with some serious thing abt them. This is gonna be heartbreaking, I’m not ready #OurBluesEp4.” 

Meanwhile, Kim Woo-bin’s chemistry with Han Ji-min has received much praise. On the surface, their warm love story gives off all the cute vibes, yet the show promises some difficulties ahead for the new couple. One of the standout dialogues in the latest episode was when Kim Woo-bin’s character Park Jeong-joon tells Han Ji-min’s Young-ok that they should date, she responds, “You’ll get hurt.” He answers, “You can choose to not hurt me. Why must I get hurt?”

Our Blues is also expected to feature BTS’ Jimin’s OST soon. New episodes from Our Blues drops on every Sunday and Monday.

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