Know where is the world’s Happiest Zone… What is different in the lives of people of countries like Finland?

A region of the world is the region of Scandinavia or the Nordic Peninsula. Many countries here are at the top of the list of the happiest countries in the world i.e. World Happiness Report 2022. After all, what is it in the life of the society, system and people there that there is so much happiness and enthusiasm in the life of common people. After all, what is the difference between our society and the situation there which makes people's life happy.

‘Being born in Finland is like winning the jackpot’… This proverb is very famous in Finland, the happiest country in the world. Which country of the world is in what condition, it decides to what extent there is happiness in the life of the people there. According to this year’s World Happiness Report 2022, Finland has been voted the happiest country in the world for the fifth consecutive year. Whereas Afghanistan is at the back of this list of 146 countries. America has been ranked 16th in this list of happy countries. Whereas, India is also behind Pakistan and Bangladesh in this list.

Pakistan has been ranked 121 in this year’s World Happiness Report. While India has got 136th position. Bangladesh is ranked 94th in this list and neighboring China is at 72nd place. Countries with the least happiness. Afghanistan (146th), Lebanon (145th), Zimbabwe (144th), Rwanda (143rd), Botswana (142nd) and Lesotho (141st) are ranked.

Which area is the world’s Happiest Zone?

In the World Happiness Index, most of the top 10 countries in terms of happiness have been found in Eastern Europe ie Scandinavia region and the countries of Nordic region. While Finland has secured the top position from this region, Denmark is in second place. It is followed by Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway and Luxembourg. Now people from all over the world want to know that what is the special thing in the system of Scandinavian countries, which increases happiness in people’s life. What is different from middle and low income people and societies like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, who are struggling with everyday problems, in the life of the people of these countries, which makes their standard of living different and improves the life expectancy situation of the people there. Is.

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After all, what is different in the lives of the people there?

In most of the poor and middle-income countries of the world, the biggest problem of common people is to arrange for expensive education, expensive treatment, expensive means of transport and daily food items. But in countries in the Scandinavian-Nordic region, such as Finland, the system is quite different. Here things like education, healthcare are provided to the people by the government either absolutely free or at very low prices. Apart from this, things like better security arrangements, good policing system, better monitoring of human rights, high income level, less corruption are ensured with strict laws and strong systems. Due to which the life of common people becomes very easy. The life of more than 90 percent of Finland’s population is considered balanced from every point of view. These can be called very good conditions for any society.

The weather here is no less pleasant

Nestled in the midst of beautiful mountains, lakes and riverside cities, snow-white natural beauty, Finland is that part of Eastern Europe where the climate is very cold, where the winter season lasts for six months, due to being in the Arctic Circle In many parts of this country, it remains only for six months at night. The people of Finland have learned to live happily ever after, despite the natural conditions being quite different from ours. People here enjoy life to the fullest even in the midst of rain, snow and cold winter. The people here are very fond of jogging, riding, cycling even in the midst of snowfall. In the warm months of the year, people here have a special interest in outdoor activities like outdoor sauna, cycling, kayaking, hiking, camping. The beautiful mountains, dense and beautiful forests and tourist places wrapped in snow, pollution-free environment fills a different freshness in people’s lives.

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What do governments do nothing?

We often hear discussions about all the slogans and schemes of Mother-Children Care here. But the system is quite different in Scandinavian countries. A woman who becomes a mother in Finland is gifted a ‘New Baby Box’ by the government. In which there are 63 products which are useful for the child for one year. People say about this gift box that you do not need to buy anything for the first two-three months except diapers for your baby.

Not only this, in Finland and other Nordic countries a parent’s leave of 10 months is available at the time of delivery. On becoming a father, men also get 9 weeks of paternity leave. After the birth of the child, both the parents are compulsorily given leave for the first three weeks, while even after this, one of the parents is ensured to get the leave till the child is 9 months old. The parents have the option of availing the stay home facility without losing their job till the child turns three years old. All this is part of the social security system there.

Strong measures of social security give tension free life

There is a government system for those who are unemployed or not doing good jobs here. In the event of no job in Denmark, there is a system of giving a stipend of up to $ 2000 per month from the government. Apart from this, the government provides free education and free healthcare facilities to every citizen in Finland and Denmark. Now imagine that the people there are completely free from all the expenses of children’s education and medical. What a great relief this can be in the life of any human being.

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System reduces people’s problems

Finland is one of the countries with the lowest crime rates in the world. This country has been judged quite safe for tourists. Finland has also made rapid reforms in its education system in the last few years. There is a lot of emphasis on professional studies and students’ learning in the schools and colleges here, instead of just book learning. There is a universal healthcare system for all the people of the country, that is, everyone gets better and equal medical facilities from the government. This country is also known to a large extent for equality of employment opportunities.

The middle class population is very high in the society here while the number of people living below the poverty line is very less. Even the rich people in Finnish society do not have a tradition of displaying money power. Whereas the system there provides the same education, medical facilities to the people free of cost, so that even the children of ordinary households can easily get success in reaching good places. Due to all these reasons like proper system, corruption free society, safety measures and equality of opportunities, if countries like Finland, Denmark, Norway are called ‘happy zone’ of the world, nothing much will be done.

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