Kora Kagazz movie review: The film fails to deliver on its promise

Kora Kagazz movie cast: Rajat Kapoor, Swastika Mukherjee, Aishani Yadav, Disha Singh
Kora Kagazz movie director: Nawneet Ranjeen
Kora Kagazz movie rating: 1.5 stars

Multiple strands appear as ‘Kora Kagazz’ opens: farmers suicide, childhood trauma, broken families. Sandhya (Aishani Yadav) fetches up in a children’s home after a violent incident with her uncle. Divya (Swastika Mukherjee) presides over the institution with a mix of empathy and strictness: she understands the challenges her wards face, but also understands the importance of discipline.

The home is strapped for cash, and a play to be presented to donors has to be readied in a hurry. Enter Vikas (Rajat Kapoor), a middle-aged-but-still-living-in-hope actor who specialises in drama therapy: will he be able to pull it off, given that the girls he is working with are totally raw, and struggling to come to terms with their new reality?

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But the promise it holds out to begin with is quite soon belied. Sandhya’s clashes with the hot-tempered Anu ( Singh) play out like a cliché: we know that these two girls at loggerheads will end up having each other’s back. There’s an overall lack of cohesiveness as the plot progresses through its beats. The misunderstanding Divya harbours towards Sandhya, while being completely committed to making things better? We know where that is going. Vikas’s playful flashbacks with his father, a popular theatre actor who died too young, and his own troubles to find a productive path which affect him as a husband and father, become repetitive. His interactions with his students, who display a will to learn, especially Sandhya, who has a way with words, start off shakily and end in a staged production about the bounties of nature, and how to preserve it. It isn’t bad. It’s just not interesting enough.

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You can say the same thing for the film, which clearly is trying hard to be well-meaning, and socially relevant.

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