Black Clover Henry Legolant Wiki: Is Henry Legolant Strong Or Week?

The Legolant curse is a mysterious occurrence that awakens in certain people at a certain time. What exactly is the nature of this occurrence and how will it affect Henry Legolant? This article will explain the mystery surrounding The Legolant curse, including how the curse is triggered, when it awakens, and why it will harm the people that come in contact with Henry Legolant.


The Legolant curse

The Legolant curse is a curse that afflicts the Legolant family. It has been said that Henry Legolant, who was born on the 12th of February, was cursed as a child, making him weaker than his peers. The curse also caused him to absorb mana from other people around him, so he was considered a danger by his parents.

Henry Legolant’s illness

The illness that afflicts Henry Legolant is based on a curse. He was born with the condition, which requires him to passively siphon mana from others. His parents abandoned him when he was a child, and he assumed that his death was inevitable. However, his cousin, Yami, convinces him to live.

Henry is a pale, untidy young man with long, white hair. He wears a black bull robe and a white shirt. He’s a kind and compassionate person who is willing to sacrifice himself for his comrades. He speaks slowly and is compassionate. Despite his illness, Henry is an idealistic noble. His illness requires him to siphon magic from others, and his ability to use sorcery spells is inconsistent outside of his sorcery house.

Black Clover Henry Legolant Wiki

Black Clover Henry Legolant is a fifth-class Junior Magic Knight with a pale complexion and long, messy white hair. His clothing is a white shirt and black robes, and he has a tendency to talk slowly. His demeanor is sympathetic, and he has a tendency to irritate the Gauche.

Henry was born into a noble family on the 12th of February and is 26 years old. As a child, he was cursed and developed a weaker body. He could also absorb the mana of the people around him, which led to his parents viewing him as a danger.

Magic power

Henry Legolant is a 5th Class Junior Magic Knight and a member of the Black Bull squad. He is characterized by his long white hair and black Bull robes, as well as his kind and slow-talking personality. Henry has two unique powers: passively absorbing the mana of others, and the ability to change the shape of rooms within his magic house.

He can copy any magic that he wishes. Legolant can also assume the appearance of a person. He used his ability to impersonate William to attend the Magic Knight Captains’ meeting.

Weak body

Henry Legolant is a young man from a noble family. He is 26 years old and has a weak body. He was cursed as a child, which caused him to absorb mana from the people around him. As a result, his parents send him to live in the forest.

His body has been weak since childhood, and he must passively siphon mana from others to survive. He has a sluggish, slow-talking personality and uses Recombination Magic to remodel his base. He is a member of the Black Bulls, and he also has a tendency to talk slowly. Because of his weak body, he requires a lot of help to get through a mission. His condition is revealed in the Elves’ revenge arc. While he’s not the main character, he often makes appearances in the series.


When Henry’s parents leave the house, he is almost dying. But, Yami Sukehiro discovers his room and recruits him into the Black Bull squad. While waiting in his base, Henry watches the other Black Bulls, and soon, he meets Asta. They soon become friends and spend time together, often without the other Black Bulls.

Henry is a pale young man with untidy white hair and a black Bull robe. He is compassionate and will often sacrifice himself for his comrades. He speaks slowly. Although born a noble, Henry has a disease that causes him to passively siphon mana from other people.

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