‘Life will resume’: France lifts more Covid curbs, allows indoor dining

France has been hit badly with the virus since it hit the country last year with over 5.7 coronavirus cases and over 110, 290 fatalities.

Published: Jun 09, 2021, 20:05 (IST)

French authorities on Wednesday allowed restaurants and cafes to serve indoors as President Macron hailed the move as a “new step”.

“Life will resume across our lands,” Macron said as the government hopes to drop night curfew by the end of the month although wearing masks will remain in place.

Authorities also allowed gyms to reopen. However, the threat of the virus remains as the country reported over 6,000 COVID-19 cases on Tuesday but the number of hospitalisations remained in control.

The hospitality industry has been the worst hit in France with months of lockdown and staff on furlough, however, Macron has assured the ailing sector that vacancies will be filled up quickly.

France has been hit badly with the virus since it hit the country last year with over 5.7 coronavirus cases and over 110, 290 fatalities.

The government has announced a colour-coded map as part of entry protocol into the country with restrictions lifted for EU nations and “green” countries namely Singapore, New Zealand, Israel, Australia among others.

Visitors arriving in the country without vaccination have been designated in the “orange” zone with strict seven-day self-quarantine. The incoming tourists will be allowed to enter only if it is an essential visit, the government said.

“If you come from a green country and you are vaccinated, you are welcome to come and enjoy France. If you are not vaccinated, you will need a recent negative test to enter French territory, European affairs minister Clement Beaune had said earlier.

The government said that French citizens would also have to take the test when they enter the country.

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