Loki Season 2 leaked set photos hint at a possible connection with MCU’s Eternals. See pics, video

The principal photography of Loki Season 2 is already in works. Various set photos from the show have been doing the rounds of the internet. It’s also been hinted at that Loki Season 2 might be connected with Eternals in some form.

Fans have been posting images on social media which show Tom Hiddleston not wearing his signature TVA jersey from the show, instead he is donning a tuxedo, along with Owen Wilson’s character. The shoot has been taking place in the UK.

Another set of images from fan pages shows that the Loki Season 2 set might be constructed somewhere near London’s Noel Theatre. In the said images, we see various film posters put up on the wall, and one of them actually happens to feature Kingo, the character Kumail Nanjiani portrayed in Chloe Zhao’s Eternals. Kumail’s character was seen as a Bollywood star in the feature.

Loki revolves around the misadventures of Tom Hiddleston’s antihero after the events of the Avengers: Endgame.

The show had received a largely positive response from audience as well as critics. The review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes had given it a 92 per cent rating, writing, “A delightful diversion from the MCU as we know it, Loki successfully sees star Tom Hiddleston leap from beloved villain to endearing antihero — with a little help from Owen Wilson — in a series that’s as off-kilter, charming, and vaguely dangerous as the demigod himself.”

Loki Season 2 will reportedly premiere sometime next year on Disney Plus.

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