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Made New Year weight loss resolutions? Know what you can realistically achieve

After festive eating during New Year celebrations comes weight loss resolutions. People give in to weight loss fads, crash diets, detoxes and more to reach their goals. This year, before you set yourself up for your New Year weight loss resolution, know how much is realistically possible to lose, why all weight loss isn’t necessarily fat loss, and why healthy and realistic weight loss is a slow and long journey.

Nidhi Mohan Komal, a nutritionist and strength coach, recently took to Instagram to warn her followers about the weight loss resolutions of the new year and also that “you’re going to be bombarded with messages of losing 10kgs in 10 days”. She also explained “how much is practically possible”.

She broke it down with the help of numbers and calculations to explain how much weight you can practically lose in a day and in a week.

In the video, she said, “A good calorie deficit is about 500 calories per day. Assuming that you do a little bit extra, this number can be 600-700 calories per days. Now, if you had to lose all of this in fat, we would divide this number by 9, and the answer is 77 grams per day or half a kg per week.”

She also stated in her caption: “These reference numbers are also exaggerated figures under ideal conditions, actual might be even slower.”

The expert ended the video warning that “anyone promising more is lying.”

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