Mahavir Jayanti Wishes, Whatsapp Status, Messages To Share

Mahavir Jayanti is commended by the Jain people group across the world to check the birth commemoration of Master Mahavir. He was the 24th and the last Tirthankara, and that implies guardian angel or profound forerunner in Jainism. Mahavir Jayanti is seen on the thirteenth day of the long stretch of Chaitra in the Hindu schedule. As per the English schedule, the celebration falls in Spring and April. This year, Mahavir Jayanti will be seen on April 4.
According to conviction, Ruler Mahavir advanced peacefulness and taught regard and love for every living being. In light of these qualities, Ruler Mahavir established Jainism.

On Mahavir Jayanti, individuals convey an icon of Master Mahavira on a chariot for a parade or Rath Yatra. Fans serenade bhajan while the icon is given an Abhisheka or stately shower.

Here are a few statements and messages you can share this Mahavir Jayanti.

– We should appeal to God for harmony and agreement for all human lives on this propitious day. Blissful Mahavir Jayanti.

– May Ruler Mahavir favor you richly and fill your existence with the righteousness of truth, peacefulness and outer sympathy. Blissful Mahavir Jayanti!

– He rehearsed peacefulness. Mahavir Jayanti is an update for us to rehearse peacefulness, and carry on with a prudent existence. Blissful Mahavir Jayanti.

– Sending ardent wishes on the favorable event of Mahavir Jayanti. May Ruler Mahavir be consistently there to assist you with satisfying your fantasies? Blissful Mahavir Jayanti!

– May the sacred words show you the way to endless bliss. Sending you warm wishes. Cheerful Mahavir Jayanti.

Some life examples from Ruler Mahavir

– All breathing, existing, living, conscious animals ought not be killed, nor treated with brutality, nor manhandled, nor tortured, nor driven away. – Master Mahavir

– A man is situated on top of a tree amidst a consuming timberland. He sees generally living creatures die. Yet, he doesn’t understand that a similar destiny is soon to surpass him moreover. That man is fool. – Master Mahavir

Soul is the main issue of profound discipline. – Master Mahavira

– Kill not, cause no aggravation. Peacefulness is the best religion. Ruler Mahavira

– Try not to deny an individual of his occupation. This is a corrupt inclination. – Ruler Mahavir

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