Mahila’s terror spread in 3 villages, ‘has sent many people to jail by accusing them of rape’

Aligarh, 08 April 2021, Updated 2:12 PM IST

In Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, people from three villages of Thana Atrauli area are forced to live in terror. The reason for the fear of the villagers is not a ghost or a wild animal, but a woman of the village itself. Which has made people sleepless nights. It is being told that this woman has rushed the men of around three to four villages to jail by filing false cases. 

People from village Kashi Mahapur, Khushipura, other villages of Thana Atrauli area reached to the Senior Superintendent of Police of Aligarh and they told the story of the lies of this vicious lady of the village in front of Aligarh SSP and said that for the last several years a woman has been continuously in the village youth Is being implicated in false cases. In this work, the local police is also supporting this vicious lady. When the people of the village try to explain something to this woman, she asks for a hefty amount in return. 

The villagers told the SP that this woman had trapped the people of the village by consuming poison a few days ago. Four people are named in this case, in which a woman is still in jail with her one and a half year old child. 

Villagers say that for the last several days, the accused woman has been implicating the youths of the surrounding villages in false cases of rape and molestation. She then asks for a hefty amount when the case is withdrawn. With the help of local police, this vicious woman has sent many people to jail. Villagers have filed a complaint in writing to the SP.

It is being told that on January 15, a case was filed by the woman in 21/2021 Section 324 Atrauli Kotwali. Later in this case under 366, 342, 328, 506 and increasing the currents. Nehani alias Nisha and her mother-in-law Kanti were sent to jail. The woman who filed the case had demanded Rs 2 lakh from the victim’s family. 

On this matter, DSP Sudesh Gupta said that a complaint was made at Atrauli police station on behalf of the mother of a woman that she was forced to drink liquor by taking her girl from a house to a school and her clothes were torn. A case has been registered on this. At the same time, all the allegations against the woman who have been accused of forcibly committing the people of the village will also be investigated.

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