Man Dressed As Teddy Shoots Train Reel For ‘Preferences’, Police Were Observing

Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh: 22 year-old Suraj Kumar ventured out in a teddy bear’s ensemble Sunday to shoot an online entertainment reel that he trusted would get him ‘enjoys’ and devotees. He got beyond anything he had could have expected.
Not long after a video of his shenanigans close to prepare tracks in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur became famous online, Suraj was arrested by the Rail line Security Power and accused of making irritation. The young fellow, whose virtual entertainment handle is ‘Teddy Guardian’, was in the teddy bear’s outfit when he was gotten and taken to the police headquarters.

As indicated by RPF faculty, Suraj had crossed the automated level intersection and was near the tracks as trains cruised by. In the viral video, he is seen making entertaining motions at a traveler train.

Suraj’s Instagram handle has around 313 adherents. It additionally makes reference to that he takes appointments to show up at birthday celebrations and different occasions.

Every one of the posts on his profile show him in the yellow teddy bear ensemble, some of the time moving, starting a ruckus for no obvious reason or simply strolling drowsily.

Suraj’s tricks are an illustration of how online entertainment powerhouses’ steady chase after new satisfied is ending up being difficult for policing.

From rail route tracks to expressways, individuals fixated on shooting reels now and again defy norms and furthermore risk their and others’ security.

As of late, a lady recognized as Vaishali Chaudhary Khutail halted her vehicle halfway on a Ghaziabad interstate to shoot a reel. In the brief video, she is seen pausing dramatically as different vehicles cruise by.

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The post pulled in analysis, with many blaming her for seriously jeopardizing herself as well as other people by halting her vehicle on an expressway, for a web-based entertainment post. Ghaziabad police answered by slapping a fine of ₹ 17,000 on her.

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