Man gets vaccinated through window while people in queue watch. Viral video

A video of a man getting a jab via the back window of a building has gone crazy viral on social media. The video has over 4 lakh views.


The Covid-19 pandemic is still not over and the only way to keep yourself safe is to follow the protocols and get yourself vaccinated on time. The vaccination drive is on in full swing in the entire country. People are trying to get themselves vaccinated and are frantically looking for available slots. However, a video of a man getting a jab via the back window of a building has baffled netizens. The desperation to get vaccinated is real and this video is proof.

The video has gone insanely viral on social media in which a man can be seen using the back window to get himself jabbed before the others, who are waiting in a long queue outside the centre.

Facebook user Tarun Tyagi shared the video. In the 15-second video, a man is seen approaching someone from the vaccination centre from a back window. The man then positions himself right outside the elevated opening to get his vaccination. The person who vaccinates him cannot be seen in the video. As the camera pans out, a long queue of people can be seen waiting outside the centre staring in amusement and disbelief.

Watch the video here:

The video that has gone crazy viral with over 4 lakh views, has the internet divided. “Bhai mahagyani lagta hai, pranam karo. (Brother looks extremely intelligent, greet him with respect),” wrote a user. “Ek ghatiya soch vaale insaan ki vajah se India pe tohmat lagana achi baat nahi hai. (Due to one man’s wrongdoings, a whole country like India should not be insulted),” another user added.

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