Meet Ricky Kej, who won his third Grammy this year

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Ricky Kej won his third Grammy grant on Sunday.
He has recently won the esteemed honor in 2022 and in 2015.
Ricky was brought into the world in North Carolina and concentrated in Bengaluru.

By Daphne Clarance: Ricky Kej, an Indian performer, won a Grammy for his collection Divine Tides, which was named for Best Vivid Sound Collection on Sunday. This was Ricky’s third Grammy win after he got the esteemed prize in 2022 in the Best New Age Collection classification and in 2015 for his collection Winds of Samsara.

Ricky imparted his victory to Stewart Copeland, the drummer of the notable English musical gang The Police.


Brought into the world in 1981 in North Carolina, Ricky is half-Punjabi and half-Marwari. He learned at Diocesan Cotton School in Bengaluru, where he has resided since he was 8. He later moved on from Oxford Dental School. In any case, he didn’t seek after a lifelong in dentistry yet picked music all things being equal.

He began his melodic vocation as the keyboardist of the Bengaluru-based moderate musical gang Holy messenger Residue. As a self-educated performer, he has refered to Pakistan’s Nusrat Fateh

and English singer Peter Gabriel as his motivations.

Kenny made music for different stages, including north of 3,500 radio and TV jingles. His collection of work comprises of 17 studio collections and four component films, including the regular history narrative, Wild Karnataka, described by Sir David Attenborough.

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According to news office ANI, Ricky is the most youthful individual from India to have won a Grammy grant, and simply the fourth Indian to do as such.

As a helpful, Ricky was reported as the Generosity Representative of UNHCR (Joined Countries High Chief for Exiles). He is a naturalist who has brought issues to light about the difficulties of land corruption, desertification and dry spell.

After winning his third Grammy, Ricky devoted his honor to India and expressed, “Just won my third Grammy Grant. Incredibly thankful, am puzzled! I commit this Honor to India. Stewart Copeland Herbert Waltl Eric Schilling Vanil Veigas Lonnie Park.”

In 2022, Ricky got a privileged PhD from the Kalinga Establishment of Sociologies.

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