Money Heist Korea: New stills give a deja vu of the original dose of action that awaits fans

Money Heist’s Salvador Dali mask might have been replaced with the Hahoe mask in its Korean adaptation, but the mood remains the same. Days after Netflix announced the premiere date of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, the streaming giant released a fresh set of stills from the upcoming remake of the crime drama, which suggest that the latest version will give its hardcore fanbase, a deja vu.

The new stills show its cast dressed in the iconic red jumpsuits and in action. Drawing parallels with the original, we can guess that the images are from its initial episodes when the robbers embarked to carry out their first robbery. In one of the pictures, there’s also a female character in a formal wear holding a gun, a reminder of how Mónica Gaztambide, initially a secretary at the Royal Mint of Spain, joins the gang as Stockholm.

Though all the characters are hiding behind their masks, we know they are being lead by Berlin, played by Korean actor Park Hae-soo who shot to fame with Squid Game.

The Professor, played by actor Yoo Ji-in the Korean remake is however missing from the stills. We had previously got a sneak peek into the mastermind’s world in the teaser and release announcement videos.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is set to premiere on June 24. As per the makers, the audience will get to see the masked robbers planning out one of the biggest heists in their world in the remake of the global hit Spanish show Money Heist.

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