Mother of 3 Escaped Along With a Student of Seventh, the Uproar in the Village

In UP, an incident in the Campier Ganj area of ​​Gorakhpur district remains a matter of discussion. The mother of three children escaped along with a student of class VII in a village in this area.

The boy’s family has pleaded with the police. Now the police are looking for the woman and her missing seventh student. The age of this student is 15-16 years.

The villagers say that women and students had met each other for a long time, but no one had ever thought that both of them would escape. Suddenly both of them disappeared on the night of 10 March.

The news of the mother of three children’s disappearance and the student of seventh in the village created a furor. The boy’s family members say that in search of both, they did one day and night.

Even after much research, when nothing was found, they informed the police about the incident. On the complaint of the family of the boy, the police also fell into the grip. After taking information from the family and some villagers, the police has started investigating the case. It remain to be seen how soon the police disclose the matter.

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