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Mumbai, as a city, has a very chill vibe to it. Especially when compared to the rest of the metropolitan cities in Asia. People are very accommodating around here. People respect the privacy of people around them, which is hard to imagine in a town with a population of over 20 million. But then again, why not? Culture of  Mumbai grew up as a mixture of people of different communities, work profiles, economic strata all forced to live in a predefined space of 7 islands clubbed together. Which tangled their lives together in such a way, that people evolved subconsciously into respecting each other’s privacy. And living in harmony with each other.

When seen in anthropological aspect, Mumbai grew up as a financial hub after Indian independence. Since India is a country with family institutions being as a dominant social institution. Clubbed with the fact that Mumbai has always been an expensive city in comparison to other Indian cities.

Most of the members of a regular family go to work every day. Working as an activity makes human beings more receptive toward community harmony.

It also has a substantial international community living with the Indian community. People of Mumbai are friendly towards foreign nationals.

The Mumbai vehicle

Mumbai story from the book Simba Travels India –

In order to reach Mud island. We took a train from Bandra station to Malad. As the train was very crowded I was leaning out of it, and Kashu was standing near the steel pole .which I was holding lightly as there was not even enough space to keep my hand correctly. It was a matter of seconds only, After that, I started calculating the outcomes of my fall. On my surprise there was a hand kept over mine, helping me to make my grip more firm on the bar. It was Kashu’s hand. We both smiled at each other, and our hands stayed in the same position until I found a place inside. From Malad station, we went through a crowded market, To the ferry point

some bananas, please

 The market was filled with stuff for women, and both of us were trying bangles. Since I was not a woman, it was hard to find a bangle that would suit me. But Kashu kept on finding different ones for me. While we were on the ferry, we came to a point where we could see the whole city on one side of the ocean. The green forested island on the other. And the sun was in the between. We stood close rubbing our shoulders and quietly enjoying the view. I felt very comfortable around her at that moment. After the ferry, we walked through a green grassland to the top of the mountain on the island beach to watch the sunset. As we saw the sky turn from blue to red and heard the ocean water splashing onto the rocks, we both leaned in for a kiss. It was a long kiss filled with both joy and sorrow .

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I had a fantastic time with her, but it was our last day together in Mumbai.  She had to leave the next evening. Funny thing a backpacker’s romance is. I felt the intensity and insanity of some of Shakespeare’s version of love for a brief period. Anytime I think of Kashu, it takes me to a happy place. Yet at the same time, it just pinches to realise her absence. Someone once told me better is always the enemy of good. Hopefully, some of the lucky readers will understand what I am referring to here. If you don’t just chill someday, you will ;). You don’t need to know about the rest of that day do you :p

best apple pie in whole city

Good cafes in Mumbai

1)Doolally-Best craft beers in the whole India.    

2)Raasta Bombay- Crazy rooftop party place                                                                                 

3)The den bar    – a small local Bandra pub with amazing music and cheap alcohol                                              

4)The Village shop (Vegan)- do try their strawberry tart

5)Stadium restaurant- crazy old vintage food place

6)Bombay Vintage 

7)Gokul restaurant Colaba.

8)Hearsch bakery.

9)Rare earth cafe (Vegan)

10)Cafe Madras-best place for south Indian food

11)Britannica restaurant.

12)Rajvada-Best thali in the city

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