“My House Is Rahul Gandhi’s Home”: Congress Pioneer Sets Up Board At Home

Varanasi: Senior Uttar Pradesh Congress pioneer Ajay Rai has emblematically devoted his home here to previous party boss Rahul Gandhi who has been approached to abandon his authority cabin in Delhi following his preclusion as Lok Sabha part.
The previous MLA and his significant other have set up a board at their home in the Lahurabir territory of the city which peruses, “Mera ghar Shri Rahul Gandhi ka ghar (my house is Shri Rahul Gandhi’s home)”.

This comes after Mr Gandhi on Tuesday answered to the Lok Sabha Secretariat’s notification to abandon his authority cottage, and said he will comply with the notification.

“The despots of the nation need to grab the home of our chief Rahul Gandhi. However, they don’t have the foggiest idea about that the places of crores of party laborers the nation over are that of Rahul Gandhi. In the city of Baba Vishwanath, we have committed our home in Lahurabir area to Rahul Gandhi,” Mr Rai said.

He said that this mission on the side of Mr Gandhi has been begun in the whole Prayagraj district including Kashi.

“The Gandhi family devoted to the country the whole Anand Bhavan (in Prayagraj) worth crores. Sending a removal notice (to Rahul Gandhi) is a demonstration of weakness with respect to the BJP,” said Mr Rai, who had ineffectively challenged the 2019 and 2014 Lok Sabha surveys against PM Modi.

State Congress representative Ashok Singh said Rahul Gandhi has made “a home in individuals’ heart”.

“As far as he might be concerned, each house has opened its entryways. Since Rahul Gandhi has promised to begin a shop of adoration in the market of scorn. My chief, my motivation, my sibling Rahul ji – – ‘Mera Ghar Aapka Ghar’.”
Mr Gandhi was on Monday served a notification to clear the public authority cabin by April 22 following his exclusion as an individual from Lok Sabha after his conviction in a criminal criticism case the week before.

In his correspondence to the LS Secretariat’s official who had marked the notification, Mr Gandhi said, “Thank you for your letter of Walk 27, 2023, with respect to the crossing out of my convenience at 12 Tughlak Path. As a chosen individual from the Lok Sabha over the last four terms, it is the command of individuals to which I owe the blissful recollections of my time spent here.”

“Without bias to my freedoms, I will, obviously, submit to the subtleties contained in your letter,” he said in his letter to the MS part of the LS Secretariat which had sent him the notification.

The Lodging Panel of the Lok Sabha took the choice following which the secretariat of the House served the notification on the previous Congress president, a Z-in addition to protectee who has been residing in the 12, Tughlaq Path cabin beginning around 2005.

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