Neena Gupta’s workout video is the dose of fitness inspiration you need. Watch

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Neena Gupta shared a video of herself doing pushups.
The veteran actress shared that she has just started working out.
Neea Gupta last featured in the film, Uunchaai.

By Daphne Clarance: Bollywood veteran actress Neena Gupta took to Instagram to post a video of herself working out. The diva, whose social media handles mainly comprise work events, fashion statements and some life lessons outside her Mukteshwar house, wrote that she has just started doing pushups.

The clip shows Neena Gupta in her living room doing knee pushups with a string attached to the balcony fence as her fitness trainer Vitthal Deshmukh supervises the workout routine by holding the harness for an easy pushup.

“Just started but showing off,” wrote the veteran star in the caption of her post. The actress’s fans flooded the comment section praising her dedication.

One Instagram user wrote, “You are an inspiration.” Another one commented, “Good going ma’am. Keep it up. Do show off you are encouraging everyone.”

“You don’t even need it, but Fitness is always good,” mentioned a fan.

Pushups are a great way to get your body in shape. It helps in body alignment and gives good posture while increasing blood circulation. Pushups strengthen arm muscles. It also strengthens the upper body, impacting cardiovascular health. However, one should remember the proper technique of doing pushups. One can start with half pushups like Neena Gupta and then slowly do full-body pushups.


Pushups are effective at strengthening muscles around the shoulder joints.

Different kinds of pushups activate the muscles in different ways. For example: narrow pushups result in greater activation of triceps. Backward pushups impact the muscles overall.

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Pushups are linked to cardiovascular health. Studies suggest that people who do pushups regularly experience a lower risk of cardiovascular problems.

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