Neeraj Chopra Strikes Again! Gets India the Gold with a Throw of 88.17m at the World Athletics Championships

The Athlete who has won all hearts in India with his performances in recent years has to be Neeraj Chopra. Getting immense popularity with his performance in the Tokyo Olympics, Neeraj stood out with his throws at the World Athletics Championships held in Budapest, Hungary, and emerged as India’s First-Ever World Athletics Championships Gold Medalist. Read the complete article to get complete information on the Neeraj Chopra Strikes Again news.

The Neeraj Chopra Record & Gold Collection

Neeraj Chopra has a long history of securing the gold medal in the biggest competitions. Neeraj Chopra Final is something that people wait for. He has earned himself this achievement in the U-20 World Championships (2016), Common Wealth Games (2018), Asian Games (2018), and Olympics (2021, Tokyo). These records are quite a dream of any athlete and definitely make Neeraj an ace in the field of sports.

The Match Details (It wasn’t Easy)

Neeraj’s first throw was a foul, and even after making the 88.17m throw on his second attempt, he wasn’t done. Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem made a throw of 87.82m in his third attempt. He is the same player who achieved the benchmark of making a 90m+ throw at the Common Wealth Games. Neeraj then made 86.32m, 84.64m, and 87.73m throws at his left attempts. Although Neeraj was ahead, Nadeem’s final throw was way too crucial for India’s win. It turned out to be a foul and helped Neeraj secure the Gold!

Neeraj_Chopra Strikes Again
Neeraj Chopra Strikes Again

Neeraj Chopra Prize Money and Speech

For this extraordinary achievement, the Javelin Gold Medalist Neeraj Chopra received a cash prize of $70,000, close to INR 58 lakhs. Talking about his performance and dedication, Neeraj said that he always understands his responsibility in the big games, and apart from his practice sessions, prioritizing visualization keeps him going. Regarding Neeraj Chopra Age, the player is just 25 and has already done a lot for the country.

Neeraj Chopra’s Net Worth and Personal Life

Neeraj Chopra has an annual income of more than INR 4 crores. This makes the Neeraj Chopra’s Net Worth close to INR 40 crores. In his personal life, Neeraj is fond of vehicles. Besides the Mahindra SUV 700, which he received as a gift after the Olympics, Neeraj owns a Ford Mustang GT, Range Rover Sport, Toyota Fortuner, and the Harley Davidson Roadster 1200.

After his win at the Olympics, Neeraj became quite famous, and the Neeraj Chopra Instagram account has 6 million followers. Also, there has been a buzz in the country regarding the Neeraj Chopra girlfriend rumor, to which the player has responded by saying that, currently, he is single and is focusing on his game. For those who want to know about Neeraj Chopra’s height, he is 6 feet (182 cm).


Neeraj has made the country proud and deserves all the praise in the world. Today, every Indian is a fan of Neeraj Chopra Olympics and Wins. We, as Indians, congratulate him from the bottom of our hearts and eagerly wait for Neeraj Chopra’s next match, where he will surely impress us again.

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