No link between 5G and spread of Covid 19, says DoT

The Department of Telecommunications has noted that 5G is in no way related to the spread of Covid 19, and the messages being circulated for the same are false and baseless.

UPDATED: May 12, 2021 14:40 IST

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has warned the public not to believe fake messages claiming 5G network and spread of Covid 19 are linked after reports of false audio messages misinforming citizens about 5G network have surfaced. The department has urged the public to not be misguided by baseless and false messages. It also noted that citizens can check if the 5G radio waves emitted will be within permissible levels by checking the government’s portal for electromotive (EMF) measurements. The DoT also noted that the 5G network testing has not begun anywhere in India, which makes the claims holding 5G responsible for the virus baseless.

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“…these messages are false and absolutely not correct…the general public is hereby informed that there is no link between 5G technology and spread of COVID-19 and they are urged not to be misguided by the false information and rumours spread in this matter. The claims linking the 5G technology with the COVID-19 pandemic are false and have no scientific basis,” it said.

The DoT also noted that mobile towers emit non-ionizing radio frequencies that have a very minuscule power and are incapable of causing any kind of damage to living cells including human beings. Earlier this month, the DoT gave a go-ahead to telecom service providers to begin the trials for 5G in India.

“DoT has prescribed norms for exposure limit for the Radio Frequency Field (i.e. Base Station Emissions) which are 10 times more stringent than the safe limits prescribed by International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and recommended by WHO (World Health Organization),” it said. Citizens who are apprehensive about mobile towers emitting radio waves beyond the safe limit can request for EMF measurement and testing can be made on the Tarang Sanchar portal at, the department said.

Earlier this week, the Press Information Bureau debunked misinformation that was being spread about the second wave of COVID-19. An audio message claiming that the 5G testing being the reason behind the sudden surge in COVID cases in India was doing the rounds. In the message, a man can be heard saying that because of 5G testing people are dying in states like UP, Maharashtra and Bihar. The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) has cautioned users about the same and urged them to not believe in any such rumours.

This is not the first time people have linked the spreading of Covid 19 vaccines to 5G. Last year in Europe, conspiracy theorists linking 5G mobile networks and the coronavirus pandemic fuelled arson attacks on cell towers. The extent of havoc attracted comments from a cabinet minister in the UK government who called the conspiracy theory “dangerous nonsense.”


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