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“Page Actions Are Temporarily Disabled” – How to Index?

Recently, Google webmasters tweeted to announce that Google Search Console’s inspection tool is under some infrastructure changes, causing webmasters to now “index” their web pages via Google Search Console’s “Inspect URL” tool “.

Now How to Index Web Pages?

The Google Webmasters account has shared an introductory guide to the index that can be used to understand alternative ways of indexing your web pages.

Guide Summary:

There are three ways that Google can list its web pages in its database:

1.) Inspect URL Tool

You should already know about this route. This involves copy-pasting the URL of your web page into the search console “Inspect URL at the top” toolbar and requesting to index as shown below:

Inspect URL ToolHowever, if you try this route now, you will see an error saying, “Page actions are temporarily disabled“. This leaves you with two other options to quickly index your web pages.

2.) Submit sitemap

One of the alternative methods is to submit the XML file of your website’s sitemap to Google Search Console. This option is available under Menu >> Sitemap.

You will need to type “sitemap. Xml” as below and submit the sitemap of your website.

Submit Sitemap

After successfully submitting the sitemap, you will see a change in the number of “Discovered URLs“. By submitting your sitemap, you allow Google to understand the relationship between your web pages and thus index those that have not yet been indexed.

3.) Internal Linking

The third method to index your web pages is to link them internally. Internal linking refers to linking your web pages using hypertext. For example, if you want to read more about internal linking, I would suggest you read this blog post. When you click on this link, you will be directed to one of the posts on this blog.

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By linking your recently published web pages to existing web pages (especially well-organized ones), you give Google a hint that the pages are interlinked. Thus, Google prefers to crawl such pages. Therefore, another way to improve indexing is to add your recent web pages internally.

Therefore, if you are experiencing the issue of “page action temporarily disabled” in Google Search Console, you can index your web pages by:

  1. Submit sitemap
  2. Add them internally

This notification was issued on October 15, 2020, and the issue was asked to continue for a few weeks, so you can expect it to be done by the end of October or November. In the meantime, use the other two options so that you do not appear on Google.

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